Top 10 Best Bath Pillow in 2022 Reviews

Relaxing in a bathtub creates a fantastic feeling. The water in a tub offers great therapy which gives body rejuvenation and restoration. Besides water, bath pillows are fabulous accessories to add. They help in supporting your head from hard bathtub wall. Available for different tubs, the pad also comes in a variety. Therefore, everyone can get perfect cushions to keep their tab feeling great.

The use of the tub cushions can be tricky if you choose the wrong one. However, different pillows suit everyone. Some are made from memory foam, gel, and other materials. Additionally, the softness and breathability are some of the features the people should check. The quality check is vital as one gets the superb performing cushions. For best experience here are top-ranked bathtub pillows to choose.

10. KANDOONA Ergonomic Breathable Luxury Bathtub Cushion

KANDOONA Ergonomic Breathable Luxury Bathtub Cushion

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Kandoona luxury bathtub cushion is one of the reliable add-ons for a bathtub. It’s easy to use pillow fitted with 6 suction cups. Thus, it is simple to mount and remove the cushion. The attachment ensures there is no slipping when attached on the bathtub walls. With ergonomic design, the pad ensures user enjoy superb support. Actually, the flat headrest is excellent since it doesn’t cause strain to neck and head.

Unlike the cold plastic and vinyl made pillows, this feature mesh fabric. This allows the skin to breathe hence no excessive sweating. In fact, the 3D mesh is superb and ensures there is ultimate comfort. The ability to keep skin dry means it doesn’t stick; thus, it fits everyone. For easy cleaning, the cushion comes with a removable cover. Above all, the fabrics used are superior and don’t get mold or awful smells.


  • 3D mash design
  • Easy to clean cover
  • Strong suction cups
  • Quick-drying


  • Firmness isn’t adjustable

9. GORILLA GRIP Original Luxury 2 Panel Spa Bath Pillow

GORILLA GRIP Original Luxury 2 Panel Spa Bath Pillow

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The addition of a pillow in bathtub brings excellent rest. Gorilla grip luxury bath cushion leaves you perfectly relaxed. The pillow has professional construction to make life in the tub a thrill. With pillow boasting soft and hugging design, it helps in eliminating neck discomforts. Additionally, it has 2 inches thick memory foam that eliminates hard feeling. This is unlike others that subject head and neck. Thus, relaxing on a bathtub is now enjoyable than sleeping on hard tub walls.

Boasting 2-panel design, it’s simple to enjoy custom support. Unlike single paneled pillows, this enables easy folding to contour tub design. The attachment is simple since it comes with 7 strong suction cups. The cushion is versatile and can fit in Jacuzzi, spas and tubs. Due to the premium design and materials, this orthopedic pillow is easy to clean. Also, it’s waterproof; hence it doesn’t get soaked.


  • Orthopedic design
  • 2 paneled construction
  • Slip-resistant attachment
  • Airtight and waterproof


  • Not mildew resistant

8. Coastacloud Headrest Bath Pillow with Suction Cups

Coastacloud Headrest Bath Pillow with Suction Cups

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Coastacloud bathtub headrest is making everyone enjoy life in the spa. This pillow is one of the reliable and comfortable options. Therefore, it allows for people to relax while enjoying superb support. Equipped with a flexible hinge, it perfectly contours with any bathtub. Also, the design allows the cushion to fit Jacuzzi and spas. The pillow has an excellent design with 3D mesh to enable superb feeling. Also, there is improved breathability to keep skin feeling great.

Apart from the soft nature, the construction is sleek and appealing. The design also ensures water flows naturally without getting trapped. Also, the structure enables the pillow to enjoy quick drying and great freshness. This means that even when used in water for long, it doesn’t develop unwanted smells. The compact nature ensures the cushion offers unrivaled neck and head support. It’s easy to clean pillow and suits people of all ages.


  • Ideal for kids and adults
  • Quick-drying
  • Mold and odor free


  • Small than rivals

7. AmazeFan 4D Air Mesh Technology, 7 Suction Cups Spa Pillow

AmazeFan 4D Air Mesh Technology, 7 Suction Cups Spa Pillow

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AmazeFun is a revolutionary bath pillow for everyone. Ideal for all type of bathtubs, the cushion never disappoints. Unlike traditional ones, this features 4D mesh design for ultimate breathability. The holes are fantastic since they allow air and water to pass through. As a result, drying is simple, and the pad doesn’t suffer from mildew or mold development. Despite the sturdy construction, the pillow is super soft. It, therefore, contours to head and neck when relaxing.

The flexible nature means the pillow is exceptional for contouring with all tubs. Besides, the flexibility helps to adjust hence great for body contouring. The 7 upgraded suction cups are the reason the pillow never slips. This saves you from a bothersome slip that can interfere with your relaxation. Uniquely, the cushion is machine washable, which is one of the superb features. With a built-in hook, it is easy to enable natural drying after washing.


  • Built-in hook
  • Machine washable
  • 4D mesh design


  • It’s not waterproof

6. Viventive Extra Thick Luxurious Non-Slip Bath Pillow

Viventive Extra Thick Luxurious Non-Slip Bath Pillow

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Viventive luxurious bath cushion brings top-notch relaxation. The pillow is highly reliable to cushion head and neck against the hard tub walls. It’s a large and highly reliable supporting pad that cater to neck and head. As a result, it helps to support everyone without causing the body to suffer from excessive pressure. Offering soft and broad resting surface, the pad is well suited for use on the water. In fact, it features an orthopedic design which allows user to enjoy easy adjustment. The 2 panels are easy to fine-tune to fit user desired position.

Beside contoured support, the pad can fit different styles tubs, Jacuzzi ad spas. This is due to flexible nature which allows fitting even curved tub walls. The 3D mesh technology is impressive and lets the user enjoy superb breathability. With an easy to clean surface, the cushion is simple to keep it fresh. The provided hanger is excellent and allows for natural drying after washing.


  • Orthopedic design
  • 3D air mesh design
  • Extra-large suction cups


  • The cover isn’t removable

5. OMYSTYLE 4D Air Mesh Spa Extra Thick Pillow for Bath

OMYSTYLE 4D Air Mesh Spa Extra Thick Pillow for Bath

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The Omystyle extra-thick spa pillow never subjects users to discomforts. This super thick pad is perfectly suited to use in spas and bathtubs. It boasts 4D mesh design which makes it soft than other types. With multilayer polyester fillings, the pad delivers incredible comfort to users. Despite the large air mesh cover, it is comfortable and doesn’t stimulate the skin. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy great relaxation without excessive sweating and irritations.

Amazingly, the pad is extra broad, which is superb for ensuring body get exceptional support. With a paneled design, it allows high flexibility which guarantees high comfort. The 5 extra-large suction cups are fantastic and deliver superb pad attachment. Unlike the cheap pillows, this is machine washable without damaging the structure and fabrics. The convenient hanging hook is inbuilt and lets the pillow to dry efficiently. Despite thick nature, the pad is super quick to dry. Therefore, after use, there is no stress when drying.


  • Extra thick
  • Machine washable
  • Built-in drying hook


  • The headrest isn’t detachable

4. Xtra-Comfort Hot Bath Tub and Jacuzzi Wedge

Xtra-Comfort Hot Bath Tub and Jacuzzi Wedge

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Xtra-Comfort hot bathtub is excellent in keeping user enjoying the exceptional comfort. Built to withstand high moisture, the pillow is perfectly suited for use in hot baths, Jacuzzi and others. With its smooth and soft design, the bathtub pillow has excellent support. The design is reliable since it has headrest as well as a shoulder support. Therefore, even for people spending a lot of time in the tub, there is no more strained back.

The wedge designed pillow is super comfortable and keeps the body well supported. Also, it is easy to maintain clean hence great to ensure user feel refreshed. Constructed from reinforced materials, the pad is waterproof. Thus, the pillow doesn’t take long to dry once cleaned. With secure suction cups, they are reliable to keep the pillow firm and free from slipping. Due to the flexible nature, this pad is easy to adjust to fit the user resting position.


  • Waterproof outer cover
  • Head and neck support
  • Versatile application


  • Not for portable hot tub

3. SurSoul Quick-drying Spa Pillow with PCV Suction Cups

SurSoul Quick-drying Spa Pillow with PCV Suction Cups

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When relaxing the whole body on a soft surface, it helps to reduce fatigue and improve health. SurSoul is one of the full-body spa pillows that most people prefer to use. The pad is usable in different spas as well as bathtubs due to its flexible nature. Actually, it is built from durable PVC materials that are ideal for use in water without getting damaged. The materials are reliable and resist cold, which make the pillow comfortable and ready to use always.

The construction is not only focused on softness but also has excellent safety. It has a 3D mesh that allows easy water and airflow. This helps to keep inside fresh and free from mildew and other dampness conditions. The suction cups help to maintain the pillow to remain intact without movements.


  • Full body support
  • Safe and quick drying
  • 3D air mesh technology


  • Not machine washable

2. SMZCTYI Luxurious Neck and Head Hot Bath Pillow

SMZCTYI Luxurious Neck and Head Hot Bath Pillow

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Keeping your upper body supported when in a bathtub is essential. SMZCTYL luxurious neck and head pillow is superb and enjoyable to use. The precisely made pad delivers great support to keep the pain away. By eliminating sleeping on the hard tub wall, users can spend hours in spas. The raised head support means there is great support. This ensures your body doesn’t get fatigued. Boasting thick filling, the pillow is super comfortable.

The air mesh technology with 3D design keeps the pillow offering superb relaxation. In fact, the medium-firm sponge provides excellent aeration and fast drying. Thus, when used for a long time, this pillow doesn’t take long to dry. Apart from the support, the pad has sleek prints that ensure there is an elegant look. With bottom fitted with 6 suction cups, the pillow doesn’t move when attached to the spa surface. It’s a versatile and comfortable ideal for children men and women of all ages.


  • Safe for all ages
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Quick water evaporation


  • Has no adjusting hinge

1. Moyeno Luxury Unisex Bathtub Spa Pillow

Moyeno Luxury Unisex Bathtub Spa Pillow

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Moyeno luxury pillow is perfect for use in tubs and spas. It’s a unisex cushion that ensures there is high reliability. The professional design provides ample support to head and shoulder to make your relaxation in tub amazing. Featuring 3D air mesh, they are superb for allowing great freshness. With sufficient air circulation, it keeps the pad fresh without an awful smell. Besides high ventilation, the mesh design also permits quick drying after washing.

The soft nature is the reason this pillow is suitable for all people. Whether its kids, men and women as well as elderly, its reliable bath accessory. With reliable and super sticking suction cups, this pillow doesn’t move when fixed. Also, it’s easy to remove without damaging the cups or pillow m outer cover.


  • Super strong suction cups
  • Raised head support
  • Sleek patterns
  • Easy to sew back cups


  • Feels a bit thin

Bath Pillows Buying Guide

Ease of attachment

The ease of attaching a pillow in tubs is paramount. Unlike the earlier days where pads used simple mechanism, these days there is an improvement. The most common way to enjoy secure attachment is the suction cups. Therefore, choosing a pillow with ample and robust suction cups ensures safe and easy fitting.

Type of filling

The type of filling in these pillows is crucial since they are used in high humidity places. In most cases, polyester fillings are preferred since they are easy to lose water. Especially for mesh designed pillows, the filling material should allow smooth water flow and quick drying. Contrary, sponge padding materials need to have waterproof material. This is because it can take long when sponge absorbs water.

Washable materials

The ability to wash your pillow is essential to keep it fresh and amazing. Mostly, the spa pillows are hand washed. However, others come with wash bags to enable machine washing. For pads with waterproof material, they are simple to clean with damp clothes.

Premium materials

The choice of materials is another vital considerations. Many materials are used in making of spa pillows. Regardless of the material of your choice, they should be durable and soft. Additionally, they should be mildew and mold resistant. This maintains pillow looking as new and free from unwanted smells.


Bath pillows are fantastic accessories to have in the bathroom. They are comfortable and adds superb experience in your shower room. With their versatile nature, they are safe and ensures a great time in a spa. The pillows are different in shape, materials and general performance. Therefore, with these spa cushions reviewed above are excellent for every bathtub.

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