Top 10 Best Bathroom Rugs in 2022 Reviews

Bathroom rugs are essential and help to add comfort and peace of mind. They are available in different sizes and style; hence everyone can choose their perfect tastes. With bathroom requiring various accessories, these rugs are available in a wide variety. The choice of a carpet always depends on the size of your bathroom.

Since the bathroom floor is prone to wetting, there is every essence to have a non-slip rug. This will ensure that even when the floor is wet, there is no risk of falling. Actually, it would be best if you churned any mat that is not non-slip. They are risky since they can cause accidental falls leading to injuries. The mats serve as comfort, beauty and safety installations to your shower. That is why we have helped you select the best rugs in our reviews below.

10. Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug

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Gorilla grip chenille mat is perfect for keeping your bathroom excellent. The highly designed rug is easy to care. Unlike others, this is dryer friendly and machine washable. This enables users to clean and dry the mat easily. With the bottom side offering expensive TP rubber, it offers superb grip. Even when the mat becomes wet, the mat never slips. The ability to keep the feet safe and comfortable, it has a soft and prominent pile. Thus, for tired and sore feet, the mat is unmatchable.

The ultra-absorbent design ensures there is efficient feet drying. This means that once installed in the bathroom; there is great water-absorbing hence no spills to unwanted areas. With premium materials, they are resistant to damage even when cleaned with a machine or used regularly. Although the mat has large piles, it offers quick drying. Therefore, after cleaning, it dries faster and no waiting for days.


  • Quick-drying
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Premium non-slip TP rubber bottom


  • Water compromises the grip

9. H.VERSAILTEX Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs

H.VERSAILTEX Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs

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As you enjoy the serenity of your bathroom, slips and cold floor ruin your experience. H.VERSAILTEX bath mat is one of the easiest ways to enjoy comfortable and reliable cushioning. Actually, it has a thick design which allows it to achieve 200 GSM. This makes the mat extra soft and cozy as well as quick drying. The fabrics are premium and durable to give this rug extended shelf life. With high absorbency, there is efficient water absorption hence keeping the floor dry.

Once the mat is in use, it comes with all the safety enhancement. It has updated SBE hot spray backing to allow non-slip performance. Consequently, there is fantastic safety when using the mat since it prevents accidental falls. The vibrant décor and ease of cleaning keep the mat complementing the bathroom appearance. With 100% chenille fabrics, the rug is great or resisting mildew and mold.


  • Soft and lightweight
  • Great décor complement
  • Extra absorbency


  • No suction cups

8. Genteele Memory Foam Non-Slip Cozy Velvet Bathroom Carpet

Genteele Memory Foam Non-Slip Cozy Velvet Bathroom Carpet

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Genteele bathroom carpet is taking your experience to another level. The mat is super soft and comfortable to give feet the best feeling. Unlike others made from tough materials, this features memory foam padding and velvet shell. This creates a plushy feeling while maintaining the rug durability for a long time. Designed with versatility, the mat is great for bathroom, guest suite kid bathrooms and other places. Despite the thick padding, the rug is machine washable to eliminate cleaning hassles.

The base has non-slip enhancements to keep users secure. It has PVC dots that are excellent for making superb grip. The rubber backings are strong and firmly fitted to ensure they don’t come off even after washing. With the multipurpose application, this mat is suitable for front of a sink, and tub side, among others. By being high absorbing, it keeps the floor free from water. Measuring 17 by 24 inches, it has ample space for comfortably accommodating your feet.


  • Memory foam padding
  • Non-slip technology
  • Machine washable
  • Soft velvet cover


  • Slips on tiled floors

7. LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Luxury 2-Piece Bath Mat

LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Luxury 2-Piece Bath Mat

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LuxUrux rugs are luxury and reliable to place in bathrooms. These super soft mats are durable and comfortable. The thick design is the reason it creates exceptional feeling and feet relaxation. Actually, it boasts 1-inch thickness which gives it the ability to cushion and absorb moisture. With a versatile application, these mats aren’t only suited to bathrooms; they are good for other places. Whether mater bedrooms, kid rooms and others, the rugs are efficient and reliable.

The fabrics used are premium and offers high performance. Actually, they feature chenille microfibers that make large piles. Therefore, the mats are excellent in providing comfort and durability. Besides, the PVC backing ensures these mats are stable and don’t move when in use. The machine-washable design helps to keep the rugs free from stains. With one towel featuring a curved design, there is highly decorative.


  • Sleek curved design
  • Extra thick and lightweight
  • PCV backing
  • Pet friendly


  • Smaller than rivals

6. Gentsing Large Shaggy Floors Big Extra Thick

Gentsing Large Shaggy Floors Big Extra Thick

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Gentsing extra big ad thick mat is fantastic and worth to install in different areas in your home. Instead of stepping on the cold floor, the rug brings great warmth and comfort. The expert design lets the mat offer the highest performance. Unlike other rugs, this has large piles measuring 1.35 inches. Therefore, it is reliable to provide comfort and high absorbency. The fabrics used are responsive, which allows the rugs to conform to your feet.

The high absorbing ability is fantastic and lets the bathroom floor remain dry. Therefore, after stepping out of the bathroom, the mats are excellent in enabling absorption. Besides, the bath rug absorbs the moistures in your bathroom to keep air smelling fresh. The extra thick design features 2150gsm, it is super performing than regular ones. Measuring 32 by 20 inches, the floor mat is large and offers ample feet relaxation area. Fitted with TP backing, there is no peeling like cheap enhancements.


  • Decorative design
  • Large piles
  • High water-absorbent
  • Heavy-duty fabrics


  • Weak non-slip backing

5. AmazonBasics Non-Slip Microfiber Bathroom Mat

AmazonBasics Non-Slip Microfiber Bathroom Mat

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Keeping the bathroom floor comfortable and safe, a rug is one of the best options. AmazonBasics non-slip mat is professionally made to ensure bathroom get the best furnishing. It has blended fabrics of polyester and polyamide that improves mat performance. With this, it is possible to enjoy comfort and efficient water absorption. Unlike cotton and other materials, the fabrics used in this mat are quick drying. This white shag is super sleek and decorative which complements any bathroom décor.

Fitted with large tufts, they are efficient in absorbing water as well as massaging feet. With easy to care design, the rug is machine washable and takes less rime tor dry. Also, the lightweight design is impressive since there is no bulkiness. The rug measures 21 by 24 inches hence ideal for most bathrooms. When you think about the safety, the mat is unmatchable. The rug has a non-slip design on wet and dry floors.


  • Non-slip backing for wet and dry floors
  • Blended fabrics
  • Plush tufts


  • Not pure white

4. Lifewit 32″x20″ Non-Slip Soft Extra-Thick Shower Rug

Lifewit 32

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Lifewit microfiber super soft rug is premium and reliable. The sleek microfiber rug creates a fantastic feeling. Unlike other mats, this has an exceptional design. Unlike the large files, this has fine microfiber tufts that are excellent for absorbing moisture. With reinforced microfiber construction, the rug feels fluffy and created an outstanding feeling. The fluffy design not only massages feet, but it also absorbs water and eliminates dust. With rug having plush design, it has quick-drying compared to memory foam padded mats.

The high-quality stitching ensures the mat is reliable for long. It doesn’t get damaged when the fibers are pulled. The bottom has TPR backing, which is superior to other materials. Due to premium construction, the mat is machine washable without damaging the fabrics. Amazingly, the design and material are pet friendly and won’t cause breathing problems like ion other mats. By enjoying improved absorbing ability, the rug saves your floor from water.


  • Plush microfiber
  • Pet-friendly materials
  • Durable backing
  • Double-stitched threads


  • No padding

3. HOMEIDEAS Ultra-Soft Plush Bathroom Rugs Set

HOMEIDEAS Ultra-Soft Plush Bathroom Rugs Set

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Homeideas set of rugs keep your bathroom exceptional. The mats are superior and reliable to last for long. Therefore, even utilized regularly, they are reliable without threads getting damaged. The combination of 3 rugs in this set helps in adding great versatility. They are usable in different places like bathrooms, kid rooms and others. Premium construction lets the rugs to withstand heavy-duty application. There is no fiber shedding which ensures they are safe for use in homes with pets.

The ultra-plush rugs are unique and let the user enjoy great warmth. This eliminates the cold experience, especially when stepping out of the bathroom. The Chenille fabrics are outstanding when it comes to absorbency. This ensures that even when the floor has a lot of water, it absorbs more water than its weight. Besides, the mats are great to relieve pressure and fatigue. The machine-washable fibers are fantastic and let the user enjoy easy cleaning.


  • Different styled mats
  • Ultra-soft and durable
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not slip-resistant on wet floors

2. VANZAVANZU Ultra Soft Absorbent Microfiber Cozy Bath

VANZAVANZU Ultra Soft Absorbent Microfiber Cozy Bath

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Vanzavanzu cozy bath mats deliver outstanding relaxation when in the bathroom. The ultra-soft and cozy rug is fantastic and heavy-duty. With expert construction, the rug fibers don’t dissipate even after repeated cleaning. Made from thick and fluffy microfibers, they are soft to keep the feet enjoying a great feeling. Apart from the sturdy construction, the mat has a fluffy feel. It enables feet to enjoy great feeling without discomforts. The upgraded non-slip backing delivers reliability and high safety.

The versatile color design ensures the rug can be used on different floors. It creates an excellent décor complement which is impressive for creating a thrilling experience. Despite the fluffy nature, the mat is easy to clean and fast drying. The Chenille fibers are highly absorbing and also quick drying compared to cotton fibers. Also, lightweight nature makes the rug more functional.


  • Versatile solid colors
  • Fluffy and long piles
  • Sturdy non-slip backing


  • Fibers pick a lot of trash

1. NICETOWN Slip-Resistant Soft & Fluffy Striped Bath Mats

NICETOWN Slip-Resistant Soft & Fluffy Striped Bath Mats

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Nicetown striped bath mats are sleek and decorative. They are crafted to enable the user to enjoy great feet comfort. Whether you love the rugs shower or bedroom, they are superbly designed. Unlike others, these are strong hence usable even in hallways, cars and other places. This ensures that once you have them, they are highly versatile with soft and durable construction. Moreover, expert knitting ensures the mats are tear-resistant.

The optimized sizes are the reason these rugs can fit different places. Even for people with small-sized bathrooms, they are functional and worth to have. With thousands of piles, they are highly absorbing to keep the floor dry. This saves the floor from dripping water hence improving safety. With generous backing, the mats offer non-slip design. Above all, the rugs are ideal for different home usage.


  • Versatile application
  • Non-skid hot melt adhesive
  • High water ad dust absorbent


  • Small piles

Bathroom Mats Buying Guide


The type of fabrics used in mats plays a vital role in the performance. Although many materials are available, some are better than others. There are synthetic, cotton, natural fibers, among others. Synthetic fibers are common these days due to the ability to clean easily and dry quickly. Also, they are lightweight and comfortable to enable the user to enjoy excellent performance.

Shape and style

Apart from the ability of mats to offer outstanding performance, style, and shape are vital. We have different shapes like oval, round, rectangle and square. Choosing the ideal shaped rug depends on the bathroom floor design. The style also is essential for the complementing of bathroom décor. Usually, the style of a mat will depend on user preference.


The safety is paramount when buying any rug. Bearing in mind bathroom experience water spill on the floor, carpets need to be non-slip. Actually, most of the rug comes with a non-skid backing to keep them intact. Some are enhanced with PVC among other materials to keep away slipping.


The size of rugs is another feature to check when making a purchase. Before buying a mat, it is vital to know the dimensions. This will prompt the buyer to get the right fitting rug. The difference in sizes among mats should guide you on which to buy. People with large space it is ideal to choose oversized rugs and vice versa.


The ability to keep bathroom safe and comfortable is possible through the use of carpets. Instead of stepping on the cold floor, these rags are outstanding and worth to add in your home. Having high absorbency, there is excellent performance once they are in bathrooms. The listed bathroom mats are premium and high-quality.

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