Top 10 Best Bathtub Mats in 2022 Reviews

Slips in bathrooms are common and can result in injuries. Adding safety accessories eliminates the risk and make an enjoyable bathroom. Bathtub mats are some of the fantastic and vital add-ons. They are superb since they enhance grip, thus minimizing accidents. With different designs and styles of non-slip mats, it is not complicated to get desired footing platform.

Getting an ideal mat can be a hassle for many people. Especially with hundreds of brands to choose, it can be tricky to get a premium mat. Apart from the protection, these pads are also great for décor. They come with different colors which allow the choice of best fitting. To eliminate the challenge of getting best bathtub mats, below are some of professionally picked and reviewed.

10. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower Mat

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Gorilla grip patented bath shower mat is safe and versatile. This non-slip pad is superb since it comes with hundreds of suction cups. Actually, the pad come with 234 suction cups that ensure there is the exceptional grip. Therefore, even when used on any smooth floor, there is no slipping. Additionally, the large size design is fantastic since it covers a large area. It measures 35 x 16 inch, which allows for a superb experience.

The mat is safe and has an anti-bacterial quality which ensures it doesn’t attract bacteria. Also, it comes with mildew and mold resistance; hence safe for use in high moisture environments. Despite the superb quality, the mat is free from toxic materials like lead, phthalates, and other banned substances. Cleaning the mat is simple since its machine washable. Therefore, it’s possible to maintain the mat as new.


  • Machine washable
  • Anti-bacterial design
  • Numerous suction cups


  • Not for textured surfaces

9. Yimobra Original Extra Long Bath Tub Shower Mat

Yimobra Original Extra Long Bath Tub Shower Mat

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Yimobra extra-long shower mat creates great comfort when showering. The premium made pad is designed to keep the bathroom safe. With its long design, the mat creates a superb coverage. Additionally, the mat is safe since it creates a perfect bond due to suction cups. The mat comes with 200 super big suction cups which ensures superb grip. This ensures it has a versatile application and can be used in gym, bathrooms and others.

The large design creates ample space for the user to enjoy a superb feeling. Besides grip, the textured surface creates a massage effect. This ensures that even when using the mat, it creates a magnificent atmosphere. Apart from the suction cups, the mat comes with 176 drain holes for keeping it clean and dry. This mat is simple to clean since you can wash using a washing machine. Created from safe materials, it’s free from latex and BPA, among others.


  • Free from latex
  • Big suction cups
  • Efficient drain holes


  • Only works on smooth surfaces

8. AmazerBath Non-Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups

AmazerBath Non-Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups

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Adding a bath mat in your tub and other places increase the safety. AmazerBath non-slip mat is one of the superb things that allow people to enjoy excellent safety. Boasting great grip, the mat is non-slip hence adding safety in your bathroom. Compared to other mats, this one is large and covers an ideal area enough for people to enjoy. With versatile applications, the mat is superb for bathtubs, shower stall and other rest places with slippery floors.

The powerful suction cups are fantastic and deliver amazing grip to smooth surfaces. They have raised design that ensures there is massage effects to the feet. The construction features sturdy and durable materials that are also safe. Therefore, even kids can use the mat without suffering from toxicity. Apart from the reliable design, the textured design ensures there is a fantastic look. When using this mat on showers, it has efficient drain holes. They allow water to flow naturally, hence great functionality.


  • Textured surface
  • Flexible and easy to fit
  • Free from toxic particles


  • Not mildew and mold resistant

7. YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat Non-Slip & Latex Free

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat Non-Slip & Latex Free

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Yinenn latex-free bathtub shower mat is impressive for any bathroom. The revolutionary mat is sleek and offers amazing performance. With soft and high grip materials, it keeps the user enjoying super safety. Actually, the mat is free from different toxic materials. The odor free design means it keeps your bathroom smelling nice. Offering hundreds of suction cups, the pad is reliable to provide non-slip placement. The full mat has suction cups which enables all-round attachment.

When cleaning this mat, it is simple than you can imagine. With a machine washable design, it can also be hand cleaned. With a clear design, it is possible to maintain the floor look even when the mat is fitted. Unlike other mats, this remains flexible and functional for a long time. Measuring 40 inches by 16 inches, it offers extensive coverage. Therefore, it is superb and provides ample protection for your feet.


  • Pebble design surface
  • Non-hardening material
  • Versatile application
  • No chemical smells


  • Suction cups are a bit hard

6. SlipX Solutions Tan Extra Long Non-Slip Traction to Tubs

SlipX Solutions Tan Extra Long Non-Slip Traction to Tubs

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SlipX solutions extra-large and flexible mat is superb for use in your tub. The carpet is made from safe and soft materials. This ensures it can be used on any smooth surface and doesn’t harden over time. With the large design, the mat has more coverage than others. In fact, it has 30% more coverage which increases the user comfort and reliability. The mat is free from chemical smells that can be a nuisance to people when bathing or relaxing on tubs.

The high engineering used in this mat makes it highly functional. It has massage effects and also drain holes. Therefore, the mat allows the water to flow easily to avoid flooding your feet. Additionally, there is easy cleaning since the pad is water-resistant; it doesn’t develop mold and mildew. With simple installation, there is great reliability when using this pad.


  • Larger than rivals
  • High slip resistance
  • Simple cleaning
  • Soft and super flexible


  • A bit of chemical smells

5. OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

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Bathtub floor can be very slippery and uncomfortable. OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat offers reliable anti-slip properties to give you an enjoyable bathing moment. It is equipped with a lot of robust suction cups that allow it to cling on the floor very well. The size is superb, measuring 31.5×15.75 inches, it is large enough to cover a wide area of the bathtub.

Also, it feels heavier and thicker than other bathtub mats hence remains stable. This mat is soft and durable as it made of natural rubber and is exceptionally comfortable for your feet. The surface features cobblestones which offer reliable feet massage as well as perfect traction. The softness of this mat allows you to have a long bath as you enjoy its excellent cushioning.


  • Pretty grey color
  • Slip-resistant material
  • Soft cushioning
  • Unique feet massage


  • Mildew formation if not cleaned regularly

4. SONGZIMING Pebble Bath Mat for Bathtub

SONGZIMING Pebble Bath Mat for Bathtub

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Pebble bath mat offers a unique anti-slip design. With a total of 200 suction cups, it provides stable anchorage on the floor. Thus, it won’t shift towards the drain regardless of your movements while in the bathroom. It is made from premium PVC material which is more stable on the slippery shower floor. Also, it features 16 inches by 35 inches pre-cut design, but you can easily cut to the preferred size.

The design boasts faux rocks whereby there are drains between them for easy drainage of water. There are holes, and you can increase their size to enhance faster drainage. Notably, the material allows easy cleaning and you won’t need machine washing. This material doesn’t absorb water and can’t stain easily. Thus, it is quite easy to clean the mat.


  • Versatile uses
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn’t retain the smell
  • Mildew resistant design


  • The surface feels hard.

3. ENKOSI Bath Shower Mat

ENKOSI Bath Shower Mat

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Are you looking for all-around protection in your bathtub? Enkosi bathtub mat is all you need. The premium design and material make it a top-quality bath mat. Equipped with 20 suction cups, it offers maximum grip no matter how slippery the tub floor is. It is an ergonomic rubber mat which features extra-large measuring 40 inches by 16 inches. Thus, it is compatible with most bathtub sizes.

The generous size allows the mat to hug the bathroom floor so that you can bath safely and comfortably. It ensures safe bathing for kids, parents and the elderly. Also, the modernized design adds a unique style to your shower room. It boasts an eye-catching design and is available in 9 colors. It’s pretty easy to maintain as it is machine washable and doesn’t keep odors.


  • Robust design
  • Unique style
  • Easy to wash
  • Well-placed suction cups


  • Can develop smell if not cleaned properly

2. TIKE SMART Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

TIKE SMART Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

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With a total of 200 suction cups excellently placed and 174 drainage holes on this mat, you’ll enjoy a superb bathing experience. Also, it features superior texture and drainage, which makes it extremely comfortable. The mats design also entails a drain contour that allows perfect coverage of the drain. However, you should use it on a smooth surface for maximum grip performance.

Also, it is machine-washable to ensure ideal cleaning, which keeps off mildew and bad odor. It is ecofriendly as it is phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA free. Apart from non-toxic design, it boasts a heavy-duty design and weighs just 1.75 pounds. Thus, it lays flat without curling movement. Measuring 39 inches by 16 inches, it offers is compatible with standard-sized tubs.


  • Perfect cushioning
  • Excellent drainage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Amazing fit


  • Not ideal for textured surfaces

1. ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat

ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat

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Here is All Pride bathtub mat designed to give you spa-like comfort while in the showering. It measures 29″ x 15″ offering perfect fit on standard bathtubs. It features 88 sturdy suction cups which provide maximum grip while allowing excellent drainage as it has 79 drainage holes. With a latex-free material, it is safe for toddlers, elderly and everyone.

It is a versatile mat ideal for heavy use at home, hospital, hotels and more. The mat is forged from durable material which is machine washable. Thus, it won’t be damaged from vigorous hand washing. This colorful bathtub mat also, won’t lose its color even after multiple washes. However, it works well on smooth and clean surfaces, and installation is a breeze even for beginners.


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile application
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Standard sized


  • Poor performance on rough surfaces

Bathtub Mats Buying Guide

Mat material

There are many materials available to choose when buying bathroom mats. Mostly, the tub mats are made from vinyl, exotic fibers among others. However, when selecting a carpet, adding the right material is great. Plastic material like vinyl and PCV are fantastic since they can tolerate high moisture. The ability to resist water ensures it can perform excellently and doesn’t get mold and mildew attack.


Comfort is one of the features that buyers should consider. This makes the experience in bathroom exciting. The ability to enjoy comfort depends on the materials and design. Mats with a textured surface are super to enable massage effects on feet. Different texture offers varying feeling hence need to check this feature.


The purpose of any bathtub mat is safety. Therefore, the construction of any mat should focus on safety. The ability to resist slips is one way to ensure the mat provides excellent protection. Mats with suction cups are recommended for tiles and smooth surfaces. Also, safe materials are ideal since they eliminate harmful substances and smells.


The size of a mat is necessary to ensure there is ample coverage of the desired area. Depending on the user needs, various sizes can fit everyone. Basically, there are many sized mats which are available for all bathtubs. However, the ideal option is to get a large shower mat.


Bathtub mats are essential when it comes to safety and comfort. They are necessary as they make everyone enjoy and safe. The mats are simple to use and clean. With high versatility, these pads are superb for bathrooms, as well as other places. These mats featured in our list are reliable and perfected to suit any bathrooms.

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