Top 10 Best Car Battery Testers in 2022 Reviews

A car battery is an essential equipment in every vehicle. Without it, starting a car is a headache since you need to jumpstart. Ensuring your vehicle has excellent functionality, it is vital to keep the battery in good condition. Having car battery tester is one way to provide easy monitoring. These devices are not complicated and ensure everyone can examine vehicle batteries conveniently.

The testers are versatile and help in the determination of different aspects. They typically measure voltage, which helps in knowing when to recharge and state of batteries. Therefore, it is easy to know when to recharge or do a replacement. There are different types of testers one can get. Ranging from simple to complex, digital and analog, users can get the ideal ones. To avoid inconveniences, we have reviewed the best car battery testers for quick and easy picking.

10. FOXWELL BT705 Automotive 12-24V Battery Load Tester

FOXWELL BT705 Automotive 12-24V Battery Load Tester

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When you want to live a stress-free life, a tester is one of the great devices to have. Foxwell BT705 battery load tester is reliable and accurate. The tester is made by experts hence always reliable to test different aspects. Boasting ability to test 12V and 24V batteries, it’s suitable for cars and large trucks. The simple to use device has a large screen which displays variety if tests results.

The fantastic thing is that the tester can perform the test on different type of batteries. It’s excellent for flooded, gel, and others. Additionally, the ability to test the charging system ensures your care electrical system is working correctly. The results are instantaneous since the tester takes only 2-5 seconds. With a backlit screen, the device is great to use even at night. Above all, with this tester, it enables testing up to 100-2000 CCA.


  • Large backlit screen
  • Ideal for charging system diagnose
  • Rugged body


  • No color screen

9. KONNWEI KW600 Car Battery Load Tester Alternator Analyzer

KONNWEI KW600 Car Battery Load Tester Alternator Analyzer

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Keeping battery healthy is vital for fast and easy cars starting. The same thing applies to the electrical system. Konnwei KW600 is a handy tester that ensures there is quick and accurate battery evaluation. In fact, it has a great capacity to offers all the necessary tests needed in car batteries. The device provides 99% accuracy, which is great for ensuring no more guesswork. Whether it is discharge rate, voltage and other aspects, the device is perfect.

The tester is for use in 12 volts 30-220AH 100-2000CCA batteries. It boasts the ability to work on different batteries like flooded, AGM flat plate, gel and others. Additionally, it is ideal to analyze car alternator. This helps in ensuring it is delivering the right voltage for convenient battery charging. The large color screen is sleek and delivers all the results superbly. The device provides essential data like cold cranking amp, battery health, charge status and others. Also, it’s easy to connect the device to a PC to get printed results.


  • Easy to print results
  • Battery and alternator
  • Large color screen


  • No memory function

8. FOXWELL BT100 Pro 12V Car Battery Tester Analyzer

FOXWELL BT100 Pro 12V Car Battery Tester Analyzer

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Foxwell BT100Pro is an excellent analyzer for your battery. It’s a digital tester that delivers exceptionally accurate results. Unlike analog ones, this provides an exact figure which doesn’t need any conversion. The device is great in ensuring you can diagnose your car at home without needing a mechanic. Actually, it enables cells evaluation, charging level and other essential diagnostics. Therefore, it is great for allowing the user to know the health condition of a battery.

Wit ability to test different types of batteries, the tester is ideal for every car owner. With the ability to test 12V 100-1100 CCA batteries, it’s simple to use the device. Moreover, with compact and durable design, the tester is easy to take everywhere. As a result, you can always enjoy great battery maintenance. There is great safety when using this tester since it doesn’t cause sparks or discharges batteries. Therefore, there are no risks when using the device to examine your battery.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Large lit display
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not connectable to PC

7. ANCEL BST200 12V 100-1100 CCA Car Battery Load Tester

ANCEL BST200 12V 100-1100 CCA Car Battery Load Tester

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Stop guessing about the health condition of your vehicle. ANCEL BST200 is the right device to keep your battery perfectly monitored. The device is perfectly suited to measure 12V 100-1100 CCA batteries. Amazingly, it can work on different types of batteries hence great device own. The quick analysis ensures user get results in less than 5 seconds. Delivering test results in CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, and other standards, there is high reliability.

Apart from the accuracy, the tester is built to deliver exceptional durability. It’s made from a strong shell which protects it from impact damage. Boasting two test modes, the analyzer can perform in and out vehicle testing. Therefore, whether it’s in the vehicle or separate, the device is ready to test. With no internal battery needed, the analyzer gets thee charge from the test battery. Simple to use buttons and large lit screen delivers outstanding ease of use.


  • Large lit screen
  • Doesn’t need internal batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Powered by test battery

6. TOPDON BT100 Automotive Battery & Alternator Tester

TOPDON BT100 Automotive Battery & Alternator Tester

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With a premium automotive battery tester, it allows various testing ability. Topdon BT100 is a great tester and analyzer that is used to perform different aspects. It analyzes your 12-volt battery indicating voltage, CCA and amperage. The device works with different batteries hence ideal for catering for most car owners. Besides, the tester works with batteries with a range of 100-2000CCA thus great for cars, motorcycles, and other equipment. Therefore as long as you n have a machine with a battery, this analyze is handy and must-have.

The ability of this device to offer quick results ensures there is no waiting for minutes to get results. In fact, it only needs a few seconds and delivers highly accurate results. Besides accuracy and reliability, the construction is fantastic. It features rugged materials that ensure there is great durability. With an ergonomic grip, there is a great convenience when using the tester.


  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Simple utilization
  • Ergonomic grip
  • LED battery indicator lights


  • No memory function

5. VIDENT iBT100 Car Battery Tester 12V Analyzer

VIDENT iBT100 Car Battery Tester 12V Analyzer

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Vident iBT100 is the right tester you need and enjoy seamless battery analysis. It’s a handy device with superb performance and reliability. With compact nature, the tester is created to allow analysis everywhere. Whether at home garage or traveling, there is no need for a mechanic. Unlike other testers, this comes with the ability to test 6V and 12V batteries. Additionally, the compatibility with a variety of battery types means most users can use it. In fact, whether its bike, boat and car batteries, the tester is fantastic.

The connection to battery terminals is simple since it has simple to use clips. They allow for great attachment hence superb without struggling with unreliable connection mechanisms. Due to the powerful testing mechanism, the tester helps in identifying bad cells. Also, with the detection of conditions of the battery, it is excellent to know when the replacement is needed.


  • Strong alligator clips
  • Bad cells detector
  • Friendly design


  • The screen isn’t color

4. AUTDER Car Battery Tester 12V Alternator &Charging System Analyzer

AUTDER Car Battery Tester 12V Alternator &Charging System Analyzer

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Autder car battery testing device is versatile and handy to have. It offers more than battery testing hence ideal for all automotive. With the ability to work with 12 volts batteries, the device is superb and reliable. Unlike other analog testers, this one is simple to use. It has LED indicators that allow easy checking on the battery condition. The microprocessor controlled device is efficient and quick in delivering results. Therefore once connected to a test battery, there is instant results display.

The four full character color codes are indicated which give user accurate reading. Therefore, it is easy to know the state of your car battery. Apart from batteries, the device is excellent for checking the alternator charging capacity and functionality. With sturdy and comfortable construction, the tester is durable. With pure copper connection wires, they are efficient and superb.


  • Easy to read LED
  • Premium quality copper
  • Comfortable grip


  • Small display

3. eOUTIL 12V Auto Battery Load Analyzer with LCD Display

eOUTIL 12V Auto Battery Load Analyzer with LCD Display

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When you are tired of taking your car to a mechanic, it calls for a battery tester. eOUTIL auto battery analyzer is one of the superb options for car owners. The device is created for 12 V batteries and delivers great usability among the users. It doesn’t need internal batteries, meaning it remains usable for a long time. Even when in the wilderness, no hassles looking for batteries. With negligible charge requirements, the device doesn’t discharge the battery. Even after continuous testing, the tester maintains the battery in intact condition.

The great thing is the tester analyzes multiple conditions. It shows CCA, resistance, voltage and others. Therefore, even when you have different types of batteries, it’s easy to check different features. Moreover, the large LCD screen helps to read the results quickly. With its compact design, carrying the device is convenient and straightforward.


  • Compact and handy
  • No internal batteries needed
  • Large digits


  • Doesn’t come with a manual

2. SOLAR BA9 Digital Battery and System Tester

SOLAR BA9 Digital Battery and System Tester

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Solar BA9 battery and system tester is all you need for proper car maintenance. Built to offer quick and accurate battery analysis, the device is a must-have. With a capacity to handle 12 volts batteries as well as systems, the tester helps to keep mechanic away for simple tasks. The device can analyze different battery aspects which is excellent for comprehensive battery examination. Apart from voltage and resistance, the tester also helps in analyzing CCA between 40- 1200.

The design is superior, and the device can be used under different conditions. In fact, the device is lightweight but delivers exceptional reliability under all environmental conditions. Equipped with digital display, there is no color decoding. It displays accurate results hence simple to read and analyze. Above all, the tester is suitable for AGM, flooded and gel batteries. Therefore, it suits cars, motorcycles, RVs and other battery-operated machines.


  • Doesn’t need internal batteries
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Wide range voltage operation


  • Fluctuating CCA results

1. OEM TOOLS 100A Analog Display Battery Tester

OEM TOOLS 100A Analog Display Battery Tester

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OEM Tools analog battery tester is a handy gadget that doesn’t need internal batteries. The device ensure there is accuracy and ease of use. The sturdy body and reliable material keep the device working superbly. Also, the comfortable nature ensures there is great peace of mind when analyzing your battery. Despite it being analog, the device is superbly accurate and quick. In fact, it only takes 10 seconds, and the full analysis is over.

The clamps are designed from superior materials that don’t corrode. Also, they are strong which enable secure attachment to battery terminals. With color coded display, there is easy reading without struggles to interpret. Designed with shock resistance ability, it can be used in different conditions without suffering from damage. The tester is efficient for analyzing 6 volts and 12 volts batteries. The easy storage device is compact and lightweight for high user convenience.


  • Simple to use and read
  • Accurate result
  • Doesn’t need internal batteries
  • Shock protection


  • Not easy to read at night

Car Battery Testers Buying Guide

Battery compatibility

There are different types of batteries. They, therefore, need correct analyzer to ensure there is accurate and reliable testing. Depending on the type of battery in your car, one needs to check tester compatibility. Ideally, check a device that can analyze flooded, AGM, Gel and other types of batteries. This eliminates the need to buy battery specific analyzer.

Digital vs. analog testers

Analog testers were standard in the old days. However, they are still available today. They are simple and doesn’t pose complexity when reading results. The only backlash is that they are less accurate and takes longer to analyze. Modern digital testers are superb and highly reliable. They come fitted with digital screens to display results. Amazingly, they offer incredibly accurate results quickly and doesn’t need conversion or decoding.


The versatility is the ability of a tester to measure a variety of aspects. Amazingly, most of the testers these days can perform different tasks. They can analyze voltage, CCA, amperage and others. They, therefore, indicate the healthy b condition of your battery and whether it needs to be replaced. Additionally, check the voltage range recommendation. Some have a maximum rating of 12 volts while others can be used with 24-volt batteries.

Durable construction

The constriction is vital to ensure a tester is usable without getting damaged easily. It, therefore, calls for durable and reliable materials. Especially, check whether the casing is strong enough to resist cracking due to slight drops or impacts.


Among the vital vehicle maintenance, the battery is paramount. They are reason vehicles are able to start. Therefore, maintaining them correctly ensures there is a superb performance. Instead of mechanic visits all times, these battery car testers in this list are great options.

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