Top 10 Best Digital Multimeters in 2022 Reviews

Multimeters are valuable equipment when dealing with electricity and electronics. Apart from dealing with power, these devices are great for checking different aspects. With analog and digital multimeters, they are essential when checking different electrical values. Whether it is determining the battery voltage or other functions, they are vital gadgets to have. Depending on where you are going to use these devices, they are vital for homes, industries and other places.

Multimeters are great since they combine different functions in a single device. Therefore, when using multimeters, it is possible to enjoy a comprehensive assessment. Digital multimeters are simple to use and offer accurate results. They usually ensure you read different results like voltage, amperes, and ohmmeters. There are others with specialized features to suit different technician. To enjoy smooth work, best digital multimeters featured in our list below are must-have.

10. AstroAI 6000 Counts True RMS Digital Multimeter

AstroAI 6000 Counts True RMS Digital Multimeter

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AstroAI True RMS digital multimeter is one of the ultimate choices for professionals. The device is ideal for daily use due to high-quality design and reliable results. It’s great for commercial as well as enthusiasts. It has little power requirements meaning it can be used for long without changing the battery. With this, it allows user to test different components like diodes, transistors and others. Additionally, the device allows determination of current, voltage and other aspects quickly.

The range selection is fantastic since it can be set on manual or automatic amazingly, the device is suitable for AC and CD voltage, meaning it can be used with a range of task. It has multi-function sockets that allow ease of connection. Besides the electrical measuring abilities, the multimeter can test temperature. Therefore, it’s easy to troubleshoot for overheating components. The hanging magnet and kickstand ensure recording your readings is easy and handsfree.


  • Ideal for measuring temperature
  • Kickstand function
  • Multi-function socket


  • The magnet can pick small screws

9. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

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The INNOVA auto-ranging multimeter is one of the certified devices for your daily use. It’s a UL certified device that ensures you can troubleshoot different items. Actually, the high-quality design and accurate readings ensure the multimeter delivers an excellent experience. In fact, it has a wide range of application from household equipment, automotive and others. The auto-ranging design ensures there is no dialing. Therefore, even new users can work with this device while enjoying excellent accuracy. The multimeter delivers highly accurate results with minimal user interference.

Apart from accurate data, the device features a large display. This gives everyone the ability to read data without strains. Also, the display has big digits meaning even at night; it’s easy to read. The color-coded LEDs are great for quick battery testing. Therefore, once evaluating the car battery, it’s easy to check voltage and other features. With a single resistance setting, it allows for DC and AC testing without changing. To ensure the device is durable, it comes with a protective rubber casing.


  • Rugged rubber casing
  • Automatic dialing
  • Quick battery function


  • The display isn’t backlit

8. Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Home Digital Multimeter

Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Home Digital Multimeter

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When you have many tasks at home that requires multimeter assessments, it’s good to have a quality one. Crenova MS8233D is one of the ideal options for an excellent performance. The device is superbly safe since it comes with a double fuse. This ensures that in case of overload or power spike, it’s safe from blowing out. The protection ensures the device can work under different conditions without getting damaged or risking the user.

Amazingly, the multimeter is ideal for measuring different features. It can be used for AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, diode and continuity, among others. This makes it ideal for different applications. Whether a technician or DIY enthusiast, it’s a handy device worth having. Designed with a backlit display, it’s ideal for reading even when there is low light. Moreover, the screen is large, measuring 3.0 inches. The combination of large digits and backlit display make usage enjoyable.


  • Large backlit display
  • Automatic ranging dial
  • Quick measuring ability
  • Rubber protective case


  • Requires 9V battery

7. Klein Tools MM400 Auto-Ranging Digital Electrical Multimeter

Klein Tools MM400 Auto-Ranging Digital Electrical Multimeter

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Klein tool MM400 is one of the ultimate electrical multimeters with high versatility. Using this device created outstanding accuracy and convenience of usage. In fact, it can be used for various tasks for electrical evaluation. With the ability to measure 600 Volts in AC/DC, 10A current and 40 M resistance, it’s a superb tester. Additionally, this device measures capacitance, frequency and other vital tests. The multimeter also works well when measuring diodes and continuity hence great for electronics repair.

The high safety standards ensure the device is safe and guarantees user safety. Also, the tester can work at homes and controlled electromagnetics environments. This ensures there is high versatility when using the device. Besides, it’s good for light industrial application to ensure everything is running smoothly. With a battery indicator, the device alerts you when a replacement is needed. This ensures it doesn’t go on strike when at the middle of the work.


  • Battery indicator
  • Temperature evaluations
  • High safety levels


  • Batteries aren’t rechargeable

6. Proster Auto-Ranging 6000 and 2000uF Digital Multimeters

Proster Auto-Ranging 6000 and 2000uF Digital Multimeters

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Proster digital and multifunctional multimeter is accurate and easy to use for everyone. With a high testing ability, it can have 6000 counts and 2000uF measuring range. The high ability to count allows the machine to be usable in different fields. Additionally, it measures different aspects, making it ideal for electricians and hobbyist. In fact, it can test 750V in AC and 1000 DC. The multimeter is suitable for up to 10A current rating in AC/DC.

Not only the device measures current, but, it is ideal for duty cycles, frequency as well as temperature. With a battery indicator, there is efficiency when to change. Additionally, the automatic shut off after 15 minutes of idling helps in energy conservation. Due to rubberized casing, the device is rugged and withstands extreme application. Even in case of impacts or an accidental drop, there is no damage to the multimeter. The inbuilt kickstand ensures an easy way to read and enjoy handsfree support.


  • Inbuilt kickstand
  • Large number display
  • Temperature measuring ability


  • Can’t connect to PC

5. Tacklife DM01M TRMS 6000 Counts Manual Ranging Multimeter

Tacklife DM01M TRMS 6000 Counts Manual Ranging Multimeter

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Having accurate measurements is amazing. Tacklife DM01M is one of the reliable multimeters for all users. The simple-looking device offers a wide range of measurements. Enhanced with a broad measurement range, it can measure up to 6000 counts. Additionally, the device can measure high voltage. It is suited for 750V AC and 1000V DC.

Moreover, with the capability to measure 100mF, it also has thermocouple for temperature determination. Quick measuring is the reason this device is outstanding. It displays results in 2-3 seconds. The rugged design ensured the device safe from impact and other uncertainties. It’s the case that absorbs impact hence keeping the device safe. Equipped with a large screen, there easy reading and come with backlit display. The NCV sensitive test allows for the device to detect AC voltage. The LED signal flashes depending on the strength, while beeping sound indicates the frequency.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Circuit protection mechanism
  • Strong stand
  • Extra-large display


  • Not waterproof

4. Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

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To keep productivity progressing smoothly, there is a need to have the right tools. Fluke 87-V is a fantastic device that offers a wide range of testing hence ideal for different usage. With a compact design, the machine is easy to use and carry everywhere. The tester is designed to handle industrial work efficiently. The unique design is impressive and allows measuring of noisy, moving machines and motor drives.

Apart from the regular electrical measuring, the device offers temperature evaluation. As a result, no carrying different tools when going to work. With magnetic hanger, it’s easy to use the device while attached securely. The true RMS voltage and current measurements on non-linear signals allow for absolute accuracy. The machine has 0.05% accuracy meaning no more inconsistent measuring. With AC/DC testing rate of 1000V, it’s great for home and industries.


  • Ideal for industrial use
  • High accuracy testing
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Magnetic attachment


  • Leads are stiff

3. Amprobe AM-570 True-RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter

Amprobe AM-570 True-RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter

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Making accurate measurements is vital when dealing with electrical components. Amprobe AM-570 is an excellent device for accurate and real results. The ergonomic design ensures that handling the device is comfortable. In fact, the outer rubber casing ensures protection against impact and also improved the grip. Having this machine enables users to enjoy testing of voltage, current and capacitance. Therefore, it’s versatile and ideal for different users.

The ability to measure up to 1000V AC/DC make the device ideal for light industrial application. Additionally, it offers true RMS, which improves reliability. The built-in flashlight is fantastic for emergency and while work in on dark places. With dual read backlit display, it also has an analog graph for comprehensive results. Apart from testing major aspects, the device can test capacitance, resistance, continuity and temperature. It’s a great machine with multiple testing ability.


  • Industrial grade performance
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Rugged casing
  • Bar graph display


  • Clips are big for small terminals

2. ProTechTrader Large Screen Digital Multimeter Tester

ProTechTrader Large Screen Digital Multimeter Tester

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ProTechTrader digital tester brings all the accuracy and ease of use in your fingertips. Experts make the device to professional quality for accurate and consistent measuring. Equipped with large 1.15 inches display, it is easy to read the data. Moreover, the device provides excellent viewing due to advanced LCD screen. With color coded symbols for voltage, current, amperage and other measures, the meter is fantastic for various applications.

The NPN and PNP testing ability, this device has a buzzer for continuity test. Due to this, it is ideal for small as well as complex testing works. With low-cost advanced testing features, this device brings peace of mind without breaking the bank. The large digits are simple to read and no strains even for people with impaired vision. The manual with simple use illustrations ensures that every user has an easy time using this device.


  • Simple to read manual
  • Preinstalled battery
  • Advanced testing ability


  • Slight response lag

1. Gardner Bender GDT-3190 Digital Manual Ranging Multimeter

Gardner Bender GDT-3190 Digital Manual Ranging Multimeter

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Having one of the accurate multimeters in your hands ensures there is reliability always. Gardner Bender GDT-31890 is an excellent quality tester. The device offers highly reliable results which ensure there is no more trial and errors. With rubberized body, it promotes a comfortable grip and excellent feeling. Besides, the rubber housing is suitable for device protection in case of accidental grip. Fitted with 3.5 inches display, the machine is excellent in ensuring there is easy data reading.

Apart from the superior construction, the tester comes with 4 testing ability. It also offers great testing ability since it can offer up to 500V DC and 600V AC volts. With 14 manual testing adjustments, there is high versatility when using this device. The manual settings ensure use to set the ideal option for your work. The snap-in probes are spaced perfectly to fit standard outlets. Therefore, it is great for quick and easy testing.


  • Easy and quick testing
  • Double housing
  • Drop-resistant


  • No automatic ranging

Digital Multimeters Buying Guide


The safety of the device and the user is paramount. The ability to ensure safety depends on device construction. Since the current flows the conductors, it is great for the device to be safe for users. Some come with dual fuse to protect the device and user.

Backlit and large display

The display is vital for the ease of reading. Modern multimeters offer a large display with big digits. This means you can enjoy great reading without stressing your eyes. Apart from the large screens, they need to have a backlight. This ensures the device can be used even in dark places.

Versatility in measuring

The versatility is another vital feature that everyone should check. Most of the available multimeters are capable of measuring different aspects. The ability of a DMM to be used in DC and AC voltage is great. It means you can use the multimeter in all your activities. Besides, a device with high voltage compatibility means it can be used at home and industrial application.

Display counts

The display counts is an important aspect in a digital multimeter. The display counts are the smallest unit the device can display. Usually, the higher the number the digits a meter can display, the better it is. In short, the more numbers in a screen, the better the device.


The ability to get accurate results depends on the ability to use high-quality multimeters. With different devices offering a range of features, each user can get the ideal device for their works. These featuring digital multimeters are accurate, consistent and durable.

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