Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022 Reviews

Babies require mom milk for proper development. However, sometimes, moms are on a tight schedule which makes them leave babies ate home. The ultimate option to ensure young ones get excellent feeding is getting an electric breast pump. They are great equipment that every mom should have to allow smooth milk pumping.

Although there are manual versions, the electric-powered are exceptional for quick and easy usage. The pumps are easy to operate and offers excellent features to enable every mother to extract milk without discomforts. Apart from parents with a tight work schedule, pumps are great to extract extra milk. This will ensure that moms don’t suffer from engorgement, which can be painful. The pumps are always ideal and perfect for every mom to keep babies fed.

10. Bellababy Double Electric Pain-Free Breast Feeding Pumps

Bellababy Double Electric Pain-Free Breast Feeding Pumps

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Bellababy pain-free double feeding pump offers excellent moments for moms. The reliable pump is easy to use since it has a user-friendly interface. With an HD screen, the user enjoys custom settings hence easy to extract milk. Unlike other machines, this comes with double milk storage bag adapters. This enables the simultaneous milk pumping, thus saving time. Additionally, the 10 pieces of storage bags ensure secure and hygienic breast milk storage.

The closed system device offers 4 modes with 9 levels of suction. The massage action helps to stimulate breasts to allow maximum milk. Also, the massage provides comfort and helps to soothe breasts hence no pain. The milk bags and suction cups are safe and free from Bathes mean the milk extracted is safe and hygienic for babies. The pump is lightweight and comes with durable 2200mAh which lasts for long.


  • Battery charge indicator
  • High definition screen
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • BPA free construction


  • No precise intensity setting

9. Elebebe Portable 4 Modes & 16 Levels of Suction Breast Pump

Elebebe Portable 4 Modes & 16 Levels of Suction Breast Pump

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Safety and comfort are paramount when using a breast pump. Elebebe portable pump is convenient to ensure moms get enough milk for young ones. It doesn’t matter where you are, the pump is portable and lightweight. Actually, it is rechargeable which ensures no hassles. The inbuilt battery is fantastic since it eliminates the need to plug each time when it’s in use. Boasting 4 modes, it can massage, pump as well as memory function and auto. The 16 levels of suction ensure everyone can set the desired for excellent.

The hospital-grade pump and accessories ensure safety and hygiene. When extracting milk, the device doesn’t cause any contamination. Due to the closed design, it will never allow milk to flow back hence great for maintaining clean and safe conditions. The noise-free operation and closed design give users peace of mind. High capacity Li-Ion battery provides the pump with the ability to work for up to 3 hours.


  • Quick and time-saving
  • Customizable suction levels
  • Hands-free pumping


  • No milk storage bags

8. iAPOY Double Pump Automatic Mode & Breast Massage

iAPOY Double Pump Automatic Mode & Breast Massage

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iAPOY double pump brings peace of mind to all moms. The durably made and safe pump ensures there is excellent safety. With different modes, it starts with massage mode to allow perfect milk stimulation. Besides, the machine automatically switches to pumping mode without human intervention. With consistent pumping as well as adjustable pumping modes, the device suits all mothers. The device has 8 levels of adjustments which can suit different suction requirements.

The double pumping action is excellent since there is time-saving with up to 80%. As a result, the pump offers convenience compared to manual breast pumps. The solid construction materials are safe and provide quiet operation. Actually, it emits 50dB which ensures pumping can be done everywhere. Anti-back flow feature means even when the machine is switched off, the milk doesn’t flow back. The control is easy since its touch-sensitive and come with all the needed adapters.


  • Automatic working modes
  • Touch-sensitive display
  • Quiet and solid design


  • Hard power button

7. Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Multi-tasking Pumping Bra

Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Multi-tasking Pumping Bra

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Medela pumping bra is impressive and eases the milk extraction. The bra is excellent since it facilitates hands-free operation, making the process seamless. The design ensures you can fit the breast pumps without struggles. With a snug fit, it is superb and offers an easy way to get the milk from breasts. The construction features nylon and spandex which offer great compression. With a capacity to support breast shields and bottles, there is improved pumping than traditional ways.

The pumping bra brings excellent fit, which makes it suitable for most moms. It has integrated top hook which enables easy zipping. Therefore, even when the bottles are attached on the bra, there is no comfort compromise. The soft and breathable design keeps the skin feeling exceptional. Thus, the user doesn’t suffer from excessive sweating or other discomforts. Above all, the bra is machine washable without suffering from fabrics damage.


  • Naturally compressing
  • Easy to use and wear
  • Machine washable fabrics


  • No compression adjustment

6. Philips Avent Double Breast Pump with Bonus Cushion

Philips Avent Double Breast Pump with Bonus Cushion

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Enjoy a smooth pumping of milk without struggles and bulkiness with Philips Avent breast pump. The double pump is convenient and ensures there is quick milk extraction. Actually, the ability to pump both breasts at once increases the convenience. Unlike other pumps, this has simple operations since it has reduced modes. The device has 3 levels of suction, low, medium and high settings. With massage action before suction, users enjoy superb comfort and performance.

Apart from the machine, the kit comes with a bonus cushion. This ensures that once pumping, moms get a superb massage to mimic the baby suckling. The power cushion is excellent and gives moms a magnificent feeling and peace of mind. The natural bottles with newborn nipples make storage of milk is now astounding. With soft power cushions, they enable comfort and natural feeling during milk extraction. The superb quiet operation brings excellent operation all times.


  • Naturally shaped nipple bottle
  • Quiet milk expressing
  • Soft power cushion


  • A few suction modes

5. IKARE Double Electric 5 Modes Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

IKARE Double Electric 5 Modes Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

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Ikare 5 modes double electric pumps make milk extraction fast and comfortable. The high-quality plastic made pumps are unique and come with all simple to use features. The hospital-grade pumps offer high-quality milk extraction and storage. Actually, there is no BPA or other toxic plastics hence giving babies uncontaminated milk. The pumps are ideal for multiple uses without contamination since there is no milk backflow. The closed system design, as well as 5 modes and 9 levels, combines to offer the best milk pumping.

The memory function allows moms to enjoy an easy time when using these pumps. Actually, once set, there is no more setting each time using the pumps. Compared to others, these have extra low noise, 35dB, which offers maximum peace of mind. The inbuilt lithium battery is rechargeable via USB, which make the work simple. Strong suction and easy operation allow even beginners to use the pump easily.


  • Memory function
  • Easy pump settings
  • Large and ultra-quiet
  • Powerful suction


  • Doesn’t come with cushion

4. BABY STEPS Double Electric Pain-Free Breast Pump

BABY STEPS Double Electric Pain-Free Breast Pump

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Baby Step pain-free electric baby milk pumps bring joy and happiness for kids and moms. There is high comforts since the pumps offer pain-free suction. Additionally, the combination of 2 modes and 9 suction levels allows for easy customization. Therefore, even for moms with low milk releasing nipples, you can set the right suction. With 80% saving time, there are no more struggles to get enough milk for your baby.

The soft silicone massage pads are excellent and offer a super soft feeling. This lets the breast feel like baby suckling. Moreover, the anti-backflow design prevents contamination. BPA free materials are excellent to keep baby safe as well as safe to the environment. Apart from the effective and quick milk extraction, the pump is super quiet. Therefore, you can extract milk at night without waking the baby. The portable design, as well as easy cleaning, make the pumps superb options.


  • Easy to clean
  • Variable suction modes
  • Super soft silicone


  • Not battery powered

3. YIHUNION Dual-Use Battery Baby Milk Pump Breastfeeding Pump

YIHUNION Dual-Use Battery Baby Milk Pump Breastfeeding Pump

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Yihunion breastfeeding pump is one of the best you can get for your daily needs. The ABS pump is durable and doesn’t break easily, which make it one of the reliable pumps. It has compact and allows single-hand operation. Therefore, even carrying the pump is simple and doesn’t pose any inconvenience. The device is easy for every mom to take it everywhere. The split straw users can utilize the device as a split electric breast pump.

The 8 suction settings are massage mode enable that allow the moms to enjoy natural like feeling. Equipped with an LCD screen, it’s easy to set the device to right operating mode. Unlike other pumps, this comes with extra 10 milk storage bags. Equipped with rechargeable 900mAh, it allows for easy and reliable milk pumping with a single charge. Assembling is super simple and operates quietly without waking your baby.


  • Easy assembling
  • Safe milk storage bags
  • One handle operation


  • One size flange

2. MOSFiATA Nursing Breastfeeding Rechargeable Pump

MOSFiATA Nursing Breastfeeding Rechargeable Pump

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Mosfiata breastfeeding pump is making the milk extraction fast and comfortable. Actually, it saves up to 70% time while ensuring mom is comfortable. The ability to offer convenience is due to 3 modes as well as 9 modes. They let the user enjoy a smooth process without causing discomforts. As a result, the pump enables the baby to enjoy proper feeding. The full construction features BPA free plastic hence safe for parents and kids.

The 3D silicone cushion massages breasts before suctioning for an enjoyable process. Also, the pump comes with dual and single tubes. This enables the parents to choose ideal pumps for amazing milk extraction process. With a built-in battery, its chargeable meaning no plugging every time the pump is working. With a single charge, this device can work for up to hours. Above all, the operation is quiet to ensure comfortable usage always.


  • Smart touch LCD
  • 3D soft silicones
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Not for sensitive breasts

1. Bigmazt Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Bigmazt Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

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Bigmazt breast pump is a portable device that allows moms to keep their babies fed. It has a variety of features that ensures there is a fantastic experience. Actually, it comes with massage, pumping and memory function. The automatic operation lets the pump deliver convenience and reliability when working. It switches from massage to pumping without intervention which eases the pumping.

The construction features edible food-grade plastic and silicone. This helps to keep milk clean and non-contaminated which keep milk natural. The quiet operation and closed system let the device offer fantastic performance. When it comes to cleaning, the pump is superb, and it’s not complicated. Additionally, the lithium battery is rechargeable and can be used for up to 2 hours. With powerful suction, it can fit all type of breasts. Simple to operate interface with display lets you enjoy the efficient setting.


  • Simple to operate
  • Edible food-grade silicone
  • Strong suction


  • Battery life reduced quickly

Electric Breast Pumps Buying Guide

Powerful suction

The ability to extract milk from breasts depends on how powerful a pump is. Most of the available pumps are designed to offer different levels of suction. This ensures users can adjust the suction hence creating enough suction to extract milk peacefully. The more a pump has more suction levels, the better when it comes to application.

Ease of cleaning

There is a need to have easy to clean the pump. This means that once you are using the pumps, it is easy to maintain a high level of hygiene. Since the pumps come with different accessories, one needs to have an ideal device that is smooth to clean. Premiumly and expertly designed pumps offer simple cleaning without special needs.

Safe construction

The construction is another aspect that one needs to consider. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your selected machine has safe components. This will ensure that handling milk is safe and no leaching of toxic substances. Always ensure your pump is free from BPA, and other banned plastic materials.


The ability to carry a breast pump everywhere is essential. It means you can extract milk every time without inconveniences. With pumps available in different sizes, it is vital to have compact and portable ones. This improves overall carrying experience as well as ease of storage.

Low noise levels

The breast pumps, just like other electric devices, are equipped with motors. Therefore they may produce a certain degree of noise. Although every pump makes some noise, the low-level sound is acceptable. Whisper noise is recommendable and ideal since it won’t wake your baby or cause disturbances.


Electric breast pumps are fabulous and deliver excellent performance. By cutting the pumping time, they offer fantastic performance. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a superb milk extraction process. Without doubts, these breast bumps featured here are reliable and high-quality.

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