Top 10 Best Foot Callus Removers in 2022 Reviews

Feet are always in friction whenever wearing shoes. Especially when walking long distances or strenuous work, feet are subjected to excessive friction. Besides friction, areas subjected to a lot of pressure can lead to the development of hard tissues. Having foot callus removers helps to deal with these conditions. These devices are simple and efficient to use compared to pumice stones.

The amazing thing with these devices is that they are capable of offering different callus removal attachments. Whether dealing with stubborn or developing hard tissues, the devices are good choices. The availability of these devices in different accessories enables them to deal with various conditions. Thus, depending on the type of callus tissue, it’s possible to deal with it efficiently. With these callus remover devices, there are no more disturbing hardened tissues.

10. PRITECH Portable Electric Feet Callus Removers Rechargeable

PRITECH Portable Electric Feet Callus Removers Rechargeable

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Pritech electric callus remover is one of the handy gadgets that one need to have. The device is lightweight, compact and enables users to carry it everywhere. It has a rechargeable battery which allows usage in different places. Therefore, even when travelling, it’s handy and easy to fit in your bag pocket. The powerful 600mAh Li-Ion battery is capable of providing up to 45 minutes of operation. Amazingly, the design is superb, and the device doesn’t have screws. It’s also waterproof meaning you can use it bathroom and clean on running water.

The device offers a variety of dead skin removal abilities. It comes with rough and smooth rollers which allows it to work on different skins. Whether dealing with thick callus, it has an attachment for that. Also, when creating smooth skin, the additional attachment ensures a perfect finish. The eco-friendly construction ensures the device is excellent for use without awful health effects.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Multipurpose feet treatment
  • Durable rechargeable battery
  • Automatic drying


  • The motor isn’t strong enough

9. Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File & Callus Remover

Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File & Callus Remover

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When the callus is posing great concern, having an efficient removal tool is great. Rikans callus and foot rasp file is one of the reliable tools. It’s a manually operated meaning no need for power. As a result, even when outdoors far from the grid, the device is highly reliable. The stainless steel file is impressive and lets users deal with different conditions. Whether it’s cracked, callused heels, it gives them a soft and natural skin feel.

The handle is super comfortable, enabling the user to maneuver the file. This allows the user to reach all positions without stressing the hand. Additionally, the foot rasp is suitable for wet and dry feet as it doesn’t cause irritations or pain. Since the materials are premium, there is no rust even when the file is used in wet situations. The surgical steel blade has excellent durability and remains sharp for a long time.


  • Premium surgical stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for wet and dry skin
  • Comfortable handle


  • It’s not strong like powered removers

8. Own Harmony Professional Pedi Feet Care Sander

Own Harmony Professional Pedi Feet Care Sander

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When you need professional spa-like feet treatment, a callus remover is vital. Own harmony feet sander is one of the reliable devices that creates nice looking feet. It cares for cracked and hardened feet by removing the stubborn layer of dead cells. Actually, with 3 head rollers, they provide excellent feet with flexible and soft skin. Therefore, even after scrubbing the hard part, there are no unwanted effects. The device brings a spa like experience at home; hence no need to visit spas for pedicure.

The available 3 heads are fabulous and deliver amazing results. They are good for people with different type if calluses. Therefore, even when the hard tissues are difficult to eliminate, the rollers are efficient. The powerful motor and reliable rechargeable battery ensure there is a fantastic performance. Unlike the manually operate feet sanders, this has simple maneuvering. With an electric powered motor and rotating heads, it allows for exceptional reliability.


  • High torque motor
  • Smart precision rollers
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Not fully immersible

7. ELMCHEE 3 Grinding Heads Portable Electric foot file

ELMCHEE 3 Grinding Heads Portable Electric foot file

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Dead skin in the feet requires to be scrubbed regularly. Elmchee portable foot file is one of the great files to use. It’s an electric and portable device with high performance. With string motor, it delivers up to 2000 rotations. This gives the file ability to delivers quick feet leaning. Amazingly, the device has 2 adjustable speed. This ensures there is excellent dead skin removal without stressing the machine. Additionally, it stops automatically when there is too much pressure applied.

The fitted LED power display is superb for ensuring easy battery monitoring. Actually, it has a reliable battery with 1200mAh which is superior compared to rivals. This lets the battery power the device for up to 120 minutes before recharging. The heads are easy to replace without requiring a tool. As a result, it’s easy to switch to the right one for perfect looking feet. The device IPX7 rated, which mean it can work in showers and can be cleaned with water safely.


  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to change heads
  • Adjustable head rotations
  • USB charging


  • The USB port is open

6. Probelle 2-Sided Hypoallergenic Callus Remover

Probelle 2-Sided Hypoallergenic Callus Remover

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Accumulation of dead tissue layer in the feet can bring discomforts. Peeling the layer gives your feet excellent feeling. Achieving this can be through good callus remover like Probelle. It’s a two-sided file that offers a tough surface for excellent scrubbing. This hypoallergenic device has a nickel blade with a rough surface. This ensures that even when feet have a thick callus, there is excellent peeling. Additionally, the blade is designed to work on dry skin; hence on wetting is needed.

Bearing in mind the foot file has double blades, it gives extended usability. Also, the handle is comfortable, which ensures hands are enjoying excellent grip. They are safely made and has easy to clean design. Thus, after use, it’s easy to sanitize without hurting your hands. With device operated manually, it means usability is everywhere without stress.


  • Hardened nickel blades
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Easy to sanitize


  • Ideal for dry skin

5. KENED 5 PCS Foot Scrubber Pedicure Tools Rasp

KENED 5 PCS Foot Scrubber Pedicure Tools Rasp

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Kened foot scrubbers are amazing pedicure tools to have. They are among the reliable and simple to use. The pack come with different files to deal with a different type of calluses. Actually, there is a file for course as well as soft tissues. Therefore, after dealing with thick layers, you can also do gentle finishing. With blades made to deliver efficient performance, the scrubbers are soft and super easy to use.

The scrubbers are versatile and great for wet and dry feet. Therefore, whether you want to scrub after shower or relaxing, these rasps are amazing. With super-strong construction, there is great reliability when using the files. They have reliable handles that withstand high pressure without breaking. They’re safe to use and don’t cause discomforts when using. Above all, sanitizing the blades is easy.


  • Safe to clean blades
  • Strong structure
  • Easy to clean


  • Can injure skin if pressure hard

4. Amope Splashproof Electronic Callus Remover

Amope Splashproof Electronic Callus Remover

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Amope splashproof callus remover helps to keep your feet feeling great. The advanced electric file is comfortable and offers superb dead cell removal. With reliable scrubbing head, this device has fantastic pedicure. Therefore, it brings a spa like experience in your home. With head rotating 360 degrees, there is excellent peeling of thick callus tissues. Unlike others, this has a refillable course head to ensure it remains performing superbly. This reduces cost by ensuring you don’t have to buy a new device roller head.

The dual-speed adjustment allows the device to work reliably. This enables the user to set the right operation speed depending on the skin condition. Powered by AA batteries, it doesn’t need constant recharging. The splashproof design ensures the device doesn’t give in to water damage. Additionally, the improved handling provides comfort and a perfect grip. With diamond crystals, the device offers best dead skin cells in your feet. Above all, it’s safe and delivers spa experience in your home.


  • Diamond crystals roller
  • Splashproof design
  • Dual speed


  • No rechargeable battery

3. Makartt Coarse Rasp Stainless Steel Colossal Foot Scrubber

Makartt Coarse Rasp Stainless Steel Colossal Foot Scrubber

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Regular feet scrubbing with a course scrubbers. Makartt foot file is a premium and reliable device to have. Created to suit everyone, it helps in eliminating hardened tissues on the feet. The scrubber delivers incredible versatility and ability to get rid of bad heels, cracked feet and other conditions that lead to calluses. Due to the stainless steel blade, the scrubber is safe and efficient in keeping feet soft as a baby.

The big sharp holes are the reason this file works without inconveniences. Even on heels with extra thick tissues, the holes don’t become clogged. Additionally, it can work in both directions, which means improved scrubbing ability. The handle is designed to allow a contoured grip. With safe construction materials, the scrubber doesn’t rust or get scratched. With easy to disassemble blade, it allows for easy cleaning.


  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Large efficient holes
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Only one blade

2. Oneleaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File, 2PCS

Oneleaf Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot File, 2PCS

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Oneleaf pedicure foot files are professional devices that allow the user to enjoy rejuvenated feet. Whether friction or pressure is messing your feet, it’s time to give them a perfect looking. Each of the files come with a dual-sided blade for superb and fast dead skin exfoliation. To guarantee high reliability, the blades are made from premium stainless steel. Thus, adding these tools in your pedicure sessions ensure safety and soft feet.

The broad nature and optimized handles let the user reach extreme points. Thus, you don’t need to curve your feet to enjoy smooth scrubbing. Due to the high-quality construction, the files are ideal for use in wet and dry feet. Thus, whether enjoying the foot spa or outdoors, the scrubbers are always ready for use. The fast callus removal ability renders the tools perfect for everyone. For easy and comfortable scrubbing, the handles are perfectly sized and optimized for most hands.


  • High grade surgical stainless steel
  • Non-slip handles
  • Dry and wet feet


  • Blades aren’t removable

1. Revlon Wet and Dry Foot File Callus Remover

Revlon Wet and Dry Foot File Callus Remover

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Revlon foot file is a device to have for soft feet. The rasp has sleek construction, and superb design enables the user to enjoy smooth feet scrubbing. The blade is made from sturdy stainless steel. Additionally, the high precision micro files are reliable to ensure quick callus removals. Actually, the blade has 190 files which ensure there is easy callus removing without struggling.

The file is fantastic and doesn’t cat the tissues. It, therefore, empties quickly and doesn’t pose stress when cleaning. The simple to clean design helps to maintain blade hygiene. With blade compatible with dry and wet feet, this scrubber ensures all the dead tissues removal efficiently. The handle is designed to ensure there is superior grip and easy exfoliation. Thus, when removing the hard tissues, there is efficient callus and cracked heal treatment.


  • Good for wet and dry use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable grip


  • The blade isn’t detachable

Foot Callus Removers Buying Guide

Manual vs. electric removers

The choice of feet scrubber is vital for the overall performance and reliability. Usually, you can choose electric or manually operated through filing action. These don’t need a power source which enables them to be used on different occasions. Apart from the manual ones, others are powered. They have strong motors that allow the head to rotate. With head equipped with coarse scrubbing materials, they enable great callus and cracked heels scrubbing.

Premium construction materials

The scrubbers need to be made from premium materials. This ensures the user can enjoy the high performance without stress. Usually, the blade needs to be free from corrosion or rust in case of manual scrubbers. Additionally, for powered callus remover, they need to have durable heads. As a result, there is great durability and reliable scrubbing.

Corded vs. cordless

The choice of right pedicure device depends on the user. When getting powered remover, one needs to have an ideal option to ensure there is great performance. Corded callus removers are for use where power is available throughout. However, for cordless removers, they are powered by batteries. Therefore, one can use them away from home. Cordless callus removers are either rechargeable or powered by alkaline batteries.

Waterproof design

The ability to use your device in shower or humid conditions is vital. This ensures there is efficiency as you can enjoy callus removal even in bathrooms or on foot spas. Waterproof devices are ideal since cleaning is simple without damaging the device.

Wet/dry use

The ability to file your cracked or callused feet depends on the scrubber. Typically, the available devices are superb for dry or wet feet. This means there is no need to struggle when eliminating the dead cells. Regardless whether the device is for dry skin, it is advisable to wet feet a few minutes before filing for best results.


Foot callus removers are essential when you need a great pedicure. With a variety of scrubbers, it is now possible to enjoy soft feet. Additionally, the performance across all these foot files is impressive. With quick and comfortable callus removal, it is now possible to restore your feet to get soft baby skin.

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