Top 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2022 Reviews

Carrying different loads can be tiring without supporting equipment. Especially, when working in warehouses, there is need to ensure carrying different items is easy. Hand trucks are amazing and essentials to enable smooth cargo movement. Unlike the dollies, hand trucks are strong and more reliable in carrying more load. Their design and style allow for easy transportation of boxes.

The hard carts are traditionally two-wheeled. But, these days, we have advanced carts that are easy to transform. This ensures that once you can move different loads with ease. Also, the carts are versatile since they can be used on different applications. For stores, warehouses, and other places, these hard carts are essential. To get the best hand truck, this list offers some of the top quality carts.

10. CoscoProducts 300LB Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck

CoscoProducts 300LB Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck

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CoscoProducts multi-position hand truck is excellent in moving a heavy load. It’s a heavy-duty cart made from a steel frame. This ensures the truck can hold up to 300 pounds without suffering damages. Unlike other carts, this has excellent strength on the frame as well as wheels. This allows people to cart different items without experiencing inconveniences. Amazingly, the cart is easy to convert to two or four-wheeled hand truck. The process is simple and doesn’t need tools or pins.

Apart from easy conversion, the cart is simple to store. The frame is foldable and allows for secure storage. Therefore, when it isn’t in use, the cart is easy to store. Despite the high capacity, the cart is lightweight weighing only 14.92 pounds. The less weight and collapsible nature ensure the trolley can fit in car trunks. Therefore, whether in supermarkets or other stores, it’s easy to carry well into the car.


  • Convertible and collapsible
  • Insulated handle
  • Strong steel frame
  • Durable wheels


  • Can be tricky when folding

9. Harper Trucks Glass Filled-Nylon-Plastic Convertible Hand Truck

Harper Trucks Glass Filled-Nylon-Plastic Convertible Hand Truck

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Harper truck hand trolley is lightweight but high capacity. Unlike most of the carts, this has unique design and materials. In fact, it boasts a glass-filled nylon frame. This increases weight capacity while reducing the cart weight. Actually, the cart is 30% lighter than steel counterparts. However, it has a massive weight of up to 400 pounds. Consequently, the hand cart can be used for most basic activities.

The frame is rust-resistant hence making the cart durable. Additionally, there is an easy conversion from two-wheeled to for wheeled cart. Thus helps in improving the weight carrying capacity. The rubber wheels are safe and provide smooth movements. They are non-marking meaning they keep the floor clean. With toolless conversion, the hand truck is ideal for use in different places. Additionally, three positions ensure the cart delivers excellent comfort to the users.


  • Durable glass-filled nylon frame
  • Quick converting
  • Fully collapsible
  • Rubber wheels


  • Wheels are plastic

8. Wellmax Foldable Hand Truck 330lb Weight Capacity

Wellmax Foldable Hand Truck 330lb Weight Capacity

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Wellmax hand cart is compact but high performing. It’s one of the reliable for heavy loads. The compact and flat-folding design ensures there is fantastic storage. Therefore, after use, there is no struggle to store this cart. There is ease of use since the cart come with four wheels. This means different people can use the cart without stress. Also, the swiveling wheels are the reason the cart is easy to maneuver. Whether its straight or curved places, the truck is simple to move.

The sturdy structure makes the cart one of the reliable options. It features a metallic frame and handles. The load-carrying platform is textured, which ensure there is no load slipping. When carrying cargo in slanting places, there is no slipping hence great peace of mind. The versatile application makes the cart multipurpose. As a result, it’s possible to use the cart for different purposes. With easy to position handle, it allows for comfort when pushing the cart.


  • Textured platform
  • Swiveling wheels
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not convertible

7. Magna 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

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The ability to carry the load with ease depends on the cart. Magna steel folding hand truck offers an excellent way to move bulky things. With a simple but strong structure, the trolley offers high versatility. With foldable structure, the cart is simple to store. In fact, the cart is simple to fold and fit in your car trunk. With large capacity, the hard cart can move boxes, luggage, and others; it’s a great truck.

The large wheels are the reason the cart can move on different surfaces. Whether it’s on paved or unpaved surfaces, the large wheels allow smooth movement. The cart opens quickly with a press of a button. Thus, there are no tools and pins needed to collapse or open the cart. Due to the insulated handle, there is maximum grip and ease of moving the cart. Besides the performance, the finish is sleek.


  • Retractable wheels
  • Quick to open
  • Heavy-duty frame


  • Less weight capacity

6. Mount-It! Folding 264 Lb Heavy-Duty Luggage Trolley

Mount-It! Folding 264 Lb Heavy-Duty Luggage Trolley

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Mount-it! Luggage trolley make your load movement smooth. It can accommodate different cargo making is perfect for home and other places. Its lightweight weight maximizes the load-carrying capacity while reducing bulkiness. Besides the lightweight nature, the cart is simple to store since it’s fully collapsible. This ensures you can store it under bed, closet and car trunk. Therefore, for people who deal with heavy loads, it’s a great accessory to have.

The wheels are large and foldable to facilitate compact storage. Additionally, the telescopic handle is fantastic and delivers excellent comfort to the user. It can be adjusted to fit different people. Due to rubberized handle insulation, the luggage trolley is safe and soft to use. Apart from the large luggage area, the cart comes with 6 feet m bungee cord for securing the load. Thus, when using the cart for longer distance or inclined surfaces, the cargo is securely held.


  • Long bungee cord
  • Sturdy aluminum place
  • Adjustable handle height


  • Wheels don’t swivel

5. Rock-N-Roller R2RT 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart

Rock-N-Roller R2RT 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart

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Rock-N-Roller multipurpose cart is heavy-duty and reliable. It’s one of the hand trucks that are made from a sturdy steel frame. Therefore, it boasts a superb weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. Coupled with a large luggage area, the cart can accommodate large cargo. Amazingly, the cart is easily transformed into 8 shapes. This enables easy customization to fit your needs. Whether its small or extra-large cargo, the cart is easy to use.

Apart from the sturdy frame, the cart comes with super duty wheels. They are reliable when carrying heavy loads. In fact, the R-track tires are durable, and rubber made for excellent traction. The roll like pneumatic tires but they don’t need repairs. Therefore, when used for heavy-duty work, the trolley works flawlessly. To increase the cart durability, the frame has a powder coating. This minimizes corrosion due to humidity while keeping the cart looking sleek.


  • Powder-coated frame
  • High-quality wheels
  • Transformative structure
  • Heavy load capacity


  • Cart and shelves are sold separately

4. FCH Folding Portable Folding Hand Cart

FCH Folding Portable Folding Hand Cart

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FCH is an excellent hand cart that ensures everyone has smooth luggage carrying ability. The high-quality cart comes with superb design and capacity. It features aluminum frame which ensures weight reduction. Despite the light structure, this dolly has massive weight capacity. It can hold up to 264 pounds. Therefore, it can be put in different used without compromising its structural strength. Due to the superior construction, the trolley has quiet operation.

Despite the durable structure, the cart comes with foldable design. Thus, it is easy to store and carry it without stress. With telescoping handle, the cart delivers amazing height customization. The adjustability lets people enjoy great cargo holding. Also, different people can use the trolley efficiently without leaning. The two bungee cords are superb for keeping the luggage safe. With large and foldable wheels, there is smooth rolling in all surfaces.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Foldable wheels
  • Long bungee cords


  • Can bend on high weight

3. Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Vergo Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

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When you have tons of lifting work, a hand dolly is essential. Vergo industrial folding cart is fantastic and reliable. With a super lightweight, the cart is simple to lift and store without struggling for help. Also, the collapsible nature allows the cart to be used for different occasions. It’s great for travels, picnics, school and business, among others. Due to the large luggage surface, it is great for a variety of loads. Whether its water, cartons and others, it’s easy to carry with this hand cart.

The structure is made from aluminum, making it great for durability. Also, the material is light which reduces overall trolley weight. Besides, the joints are made from high-quality plastic that is durable and hard to break. The telescopic handle also is fantastic and delivers incredible comfort to users. Depending on your preferred height or size of cargo, it’s simple to customize the height.


  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable nose plate
  • Durable lightweight aluminum
  • Large wheels


  • No swivel action

2. Milwaukee 30019 800LB Capacity D-Handle Hand Truck

Milwaukee 30019 800LB Capacity D-Handle Hand Truck

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Milwaukee 30019 hand truck is a perfect option for people carrying large cargo. It’s one of the hand carts designed to handle massive loads. In fact, it has 800 pounds capacity making it one of the highest. To accommodate massive loads, it has superbly made frame. In fact, it has a steel structure which permits it to carry heavy cargo with ease. The D- handle is dedicated to ensuring there is comfort when carrying cargo.

The amazing feature is the trolley comes with pneumatic wheels. They are large and provides excellent traction on any surface. Whether you are carrying cargo in rough or smooth surfaces, the cart is awesome. Equipped with large toe plate, it keeps the luggage in position. This ensures that carrying of different luggage is possible. To keep it light, the cart has optimized frame tubes to ensure no bulkiness. The assembling and design allow the cart to enjoy superb reliability.


  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Smooth-rolling pneumatic tires
  • Massive weight capacity


  • Strong smell

1. Wesco Steel Maxi Mover Lightweight Folding Truck

Wesco Steel Maxi Mover Lightweight Folding Truck

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The easy way to enjoy smooth load movement is hard carts. Wesco steel folding truck is one of the best. It features high engineering that makes it durable. Made from a steel frame, it is ideal for transporting different loads in different places. With telescopic handle, there is comfort when every user is using this cart. Additionally, the bungee cords are useful to keep the load in position. Thus, when transporting loads in uneven surfaces, there are no falling risks.

Apart from the strong structure, the wheels are durable and large. They ensure there is smooth movement without causing problems when carrying heavy loads. Unlike the other carts, this has inbuilt straps. They are vital for securing the load for stress-free movement. The metallic toe plate, it works with straps to keep the load in position.


  • Inbuilt cargo securing straps
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Metallic toe plate


  • Not convertible

Hand Trucks Buying Guide

Weight capacity

The essence of a hand cart is to help in carrying heavy loads with ease. Therefore, when looking for a cart, it is important to consider weight capacity. With different trollies, they come with varying load capacity. Basically, for light tasks, the weight limit can be up to 250 pounds. However, when you want a heavy-duty cart, it can range up to 1000 pounds. Therefore, the choice is significantly determined by the purpose of your cart.

Type of hand cart

There are different types of hand carts. The difference in style and design brings about ease of application in various situations. Most common types are upright, convertible and stair climbers. Each offers great convenience, depending on the application. Regardless of the type of cart, ensure it’s comfortable and reliable.

Type and number of wheels

The number of wheels is great since it determines weight capacity. Some of the carts are two-wheeled, while others are four-wheeled. Depending on what you are transporting, the number of wheels is vital. Some of the convertible cats have 4 wheels which allow easy conversion to accommodate more weight. This increases the overall convenience and user experience.

Adjustable handle

People aren’t of the same height. Therefore, the ability to push the cart efficiently depends on the handle height. Some of the hand trucks come with a fixed height. This can be problematic if the handle is too short or long or different users. However, there are carts with adjustable height which creates a customized handle for every user.


Hand carts are useful in day to day activities. They offer perfect ways of carrying heavy loads with ease. With different features, every person can get the right trolley for their needs. Some are compact to fit in vehicles, which allow for easy cargo carrying. Therefore, depending on the needs, there are perfect hand trucks for all users.

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