Top 10 Best Home Foot Spas in 2022 Reviews

Foot spas are great for toning legs after busy days. The spas are great for improving feet comfort and general body health. Like feet massagers, these devices, and these help in soaking your legs. As a result, people enjoy proper blood circulation and feet muscles toning. With different functions, the devices are a classic and great alternative to feet massagers.

The good thing with home foot spas is they can be used for different purposes. Amazingly, people can add ingredients to make perfect feet treatment. Besides, spas for feet are great for whole-body relaxation. They help in easing stress, headache, arthritic pain and other issues. Basically, soaking feet in spas helps in improving the general body health. Therefore, adding these essentials for home helps to improve your daily body wellbeing.

10. Ivation Foot Spa Heated Bath with Automatic Rollers Massager

Ivation Foot Spa Heated Bath with Automatic Rollers Massager

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When your feet need proper toning, a spa is a superb option. Ivation foot spa is excellent and easy to use. It relives a variety of conditions. In fact, the device spa is versatile and helps in relieving a variety of conditions. The device is suitable for worn out and sore feet. Thereby, it is simple and efficient to keep feet without experiencing soreness. Due to the versatile design, the device works on heels, toes, ankles and other feet regions.

Apart from soaking feet, the device comes with intense vibrating massage. It, therefore, offers fatigued or people with muscle spasms great relief. Besides the vibrations, the machine comes with oxygenated bubbles. They increase massage action and improves blood circulation. The device offers warm water delivers excellent healing power to people with different issues. With a sophisticated display, the machine provides outstanding ease of use.


  • Heated water therapy
  • Intense vibration massage
  • Air bubble massage
  • Large display


  • Not automatic rollers

9. Kendal foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration

Kendal foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration

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Kendal foot spa is a fantastic and super way to keep the feet superbly soothed. It’s a versatile and reliable machine with great benefits to feet. The ability to deliver different functions give users ability best feeling. Enhanced with oxygen bubble massage, there is a significant boost to the blood circulation. Additionally, the rollers are efficient for keeping feet toned. They are suitable for worn-out people needing feet scrubbing. The rollers are motorized, which ensures efficient feet relaxation.

The superb and heavy-duty construction ensures the spa is durable. Also, m it can support your feet efficiently without breaking. Protection against power leakages ensures high safety to users. Fitted with high-quality PTC semiconductor, it has a superb heating ability. The large design allows men and women to use efficiently. Elegant design and superior quality plastic ensure users enjoy the best experience.


  • Superior quality plastic
  • Large for all users
  • High-intensity vibrations
  • Quick heating semiconductor


  • Not usable for use with soap

8. Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu Massage

Guisee Foot Spa Bath Massager, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu Massage

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Guisee foot massager is one of the relaxing ways to enjoy superb peace of mind. The spa is modern and delivers an excellent feeling. With the ability to heal achy heels, ankle and toes, the spa has heat treatment. This ensures hot water deals with a variety of conditions. Amazingly, the spa helps to relief different point of the soles and toes. Apart from the heat treatment, the machine has powerful massaging action. The shiatsu massage effect helps in ensuring feet get the best treatment at home.

The motorized motors are robust and operate automatically. This enables the user to enjoy seamless, relaxing moments. With easy to adjust water temperature, the machine keeps everyone feet adequately toned. Equipped with PTC heaters, they are multi-insulated, which enables the user to enjoy high safety. The heater offers constant temperature hence great to keep feet well relaxed. Unlike other foot spas, this delivers 30% more power efficiency.


  • High power efficiency
  • Automatic rollers
  • Adjustable heater


  • Weak bubbles

7. Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights & Bubbles

Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights & Bubbles

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Conair Active Life foot spa provides everyone with excellent body treatment. The machine is quick and easy to use with just a press of a button. Designed with 3 toe touch buttons, they are the reason operating this massager is simple. They are responsible for activating bubbles, waterfall and heat. Therefore, the user enjoys excellent relaxation. The combination of different actions ensures there is remarkable feet treatments.

Apart from the massage, the spa comes with 3 attachments. They are superb for delivering needed feet massage. In fact, the pumice stone, skin brush and soft-touch massager leave your feet perfectly relaxed. The spa delivers more than massage since the device cleans dead cells. The exfoliation leaves skin soft and able to absorb more oxygen. With increased oxygen in the blood, there is improved general health and wellness.


  • Variety of attachments
  • Foot-operated buttons
  • LED light


  • Heat isn’t adjustable

6. Cra-Z-Art Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 6 n 1 Real Foot Spa Massager

Cra-Z-Art Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 6 n 1 Real Foot Spa Massager

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Cra-Z-Art Shimmer ‘n Sparkle is fantastic and superior machine for home use. Offering professional like results, it relieves and tones your body. It’s one of the excellent machines with a real massage. This results in well-toned feet without side effects. The spa ensures user enjoy relaxed feet and general body. The warm water therapy ensures there is a boost in overall body performance. Whether it’s paining toes or sore feet, the spa is an excellent option.

The bubbling water is fantastic in ensuring the body get proper relief from different issues. Especially when it comes to fatigue and sores are toned. Apart from massage, the spa offers other features to ensure feet treatment is versatile. The spa delivers pampered pedicure to give every user remarkable experience. It has a great design that ensures both feet fits without stress. Overall, the massager offers salon-like pedicure.


  • Professional pampered pedicure
  • Sparkling water
  • Amazing bubbling


  • No rollers

5. ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager with Shiatsu Rollers

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager with Shiatsu Rollers

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Acevivi foot massager is great and delivers remarkable feet relaxation. Whether you like it or for toning medical conditions, it’s a superb option. Made from superior casing material, it’s strong and supports your feet perfectly. The machine offers a variety of actions that boost body. Shiatsu rollers are good for massage and relieving strained or fatigued muscles. The rollers are also superb for removing dead cells. Therefore, no more struggling to scrub your feet regularly.

The machine is equipped with a heat control mechanism. In fact, the water temperature can be adjusted easily to maintain spa action. By stimulating increased blood circulation, the spa delivers improved health. Beside the shiatsu, the spa also delivers bubbles to massage your feet. The adjustable timer ensures there is safe and ample feet massage duration. Therefore, safety is great since the spa goes off automatically. Equipped with caster wheels, the spa is easy to move from one point without lifting.


  • Adjustable timer and heat
  • Strong bubbling effect
  • Sturdy materials
  • Easy to move


  • Very intense rollers

4. Giantex Bath Massager with Infrared Bubbles Adjustable Vibration

Giantex Bath Massager with Infrared Bubbles Adjustable Vibration

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The ability to enjoy great feet relaxation depends on the spa. Giantex bath massager is classic and worth to have. The spa is versatile and delivers unmatched feet massage. The heated massage ensured there is no more struggle with unreliable means. In fact, the machine has a PTC heating element for high reliability. The heater is reliable and offers consistent heating for absolute performance. Due to double insulation, the heater is protected from causing power overflow.

To ensure feet have a great feeling, the spa has anatomical design and large space. This lets both feet fit without causing discomforts. With rollers, the device has great feet toning ability. Besides, the air bubbles are efficient in increasing the oxygen level in the water. This aids in body relaxation due to increased air supply and blood circulation. Operating the spa is simple since it has an easy knob. Thus, no complicated programming process.


  • Simple to operate
  • Strong massage bubbles
  • Precision acupuncture massage
  • Removable antis-plash guard


  • No display

3. MaxKare 3 in 1 Function Foot Spa Bath Massager

MaxKare 3 in 1 Function Foot Spa Bath Massager

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MaxKare foot spa massager is a reliable option to give the body a significant boost. The device is efficient in ensuring there is increased blood flow and increased oxygen. Unlike other machines that offer cold water massage, this one is heated. It has fact heating ability meaning no more waiting for a long time. The heater heat water up to 95-118°F and maintains set temperature. This gives the user excellent feeling and outstanding relieve. The combination of effects ensures feet get the best feel.

The massage rollers are well distributed. This ensures there is even massage distribution, unlike in other spas. In fact, each foot enjoys four pairs of rollers. Besides the massage, the machine also comes with vibrations and air bubbles. They deliver complete relaxation efficiently. With different settings modes, the spa offers customized massage and feet treatment. With a durable casing and safe heating device, there is increased safety. The machine is FDA approved and deliver high safety.


  • Well distributed rollers
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Rhythmic vibrations


  • Vibrations aren’t strong

2. HoMedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa with 3 Acupressure Attachments

HoMedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa with 3 Acupressure Attachments

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HoMedics bubble bliss is a deluxe spa for keeping your body relaxed. It’s a reliable foot massager with excellent reliability. Compared to other spas, this offers a remarkable experience. It comes with 3 acupuncture massage attachments. They are great to ensure there is precision massage action. These accessories are also superb add desired massage when in need. Therefore the spa is good to give your body an excellent feeling every day.

Besides the vibrations, the oxygen bubbles are amazing and let the user get improved blood flow. This allows the full body to enjoy the benefits of this device. Operating the spa is simple since it only has On/Off button. This ensures that everyone can enjoy using the spa without stress. The raised footbath nodes are classic for supporting and giving feet excellent feeling. Unlike other spas, this comes with splash guard as well as toe control. Therefore, no more wet floors due to the splashing water.


  • Removable splash guard
  • Raised toe nodes
  • Acupuncture attachments


  • No timer

1. LiveFine Foot Spa with Adjustable Speed Aqua Air Jets

LiveFine Foot Spa with Adjustable Speed Aqua Air Jets

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LiveFine leg spa is an excellent way to give your body a boost. The spa delivers excellent relaxation without causing discomforts to feet. The powerful aqua jets are reliable for massaging your feet efficiently. The jets lets feet enjoy increased oxygen levels for superb body circulation boost. Therefore, as you relax, the spa delivers satisfactory feet toning. Consequently, the spa is good for achy, sore and other conditions.

The machine comes with 5-in-1 functions to deliver ultimate feet relaxation. It offers warming, water jet, manual roller, pumice stone, stimulating nodes. Despite the superb performance, the spa has a simple operation. In fact, it has simple to use controls that le everyone adjusts with ease. With warm water feet treatment therapy, the spa is fantastic and keeps the user enjoying the best experience. With 3 massage function, the massager ensures there is complete relaxation.


  • 3 massage functions
  • Simple controls
  • Powerful water and air jets


  • Non-motorized rollers

Home Foot Spas Buying Guide


Home foot spas are for different functions. They are designed with various functions which enable them to be multifunctional. Although they are for perfuming feet therapy, they also have other functions. Therefore, an excellent spa should provide massage as well a heat therapy. Others include feet scrubbing as well as others. This ensures user get relaxing and fun feet treatment.

Massage rollers and air bubbles

The ability of a spa to deliver great relaxation depends on the ability to offer massage. There are different ways these devices achieve this. Some are enhanced with massager rollers. This ensures manual feet massaging by these rollers. In fact, some have shiatsu massage functions. Additionally, the bubble effect is also a big consideration. The air bubbles are essential for adding Oxygen concentration in water and eventually, body circulation system.

Heat and massage intensity adjustment

The ability to adjust the massage and vibration intensity is vital. Some of the machines come with motorized rollers which requires adjustment. This means that once the machine is working, the user can customize the rotations. Apart from the vibrations, spas with b heating functions are superb. However, those with adjustable heat levels are preferable. This is because users can enjoy required heat level.


Home foot spas are amazing and essential for regular use. They offer more than feet massage. By increasing full-body performance, these accessories are vital. They have a variety of actions and feature that ensure a superb experience to users. Therefore, with these foot spas, there is a relaxing experience every day.

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