Top 10 Best Workout Shorts in 2022 Reviews

Workouts are essential for keeping body fit. But, among the vital requirement are the training attires. They help the body to enjoy high comfort even when involved in extreme workouts. Unlike regular clothes, these come with the ability to keep the body comfortable. As a result, there is no wetting due to excessive sweating, like regular attires. They are available for men and women thus great for everyone.

The choice of your short is essential for comfort and performance. With the right one, it allows for high flexibility while keeping the body dry. Additionally, the size is essential in ensuring user enjoy superb comfort. With different types and fabrics, careful consideration must be made. To enjoy your training, best workout shorts are vital attires to have.

10. CRZ YOGA Women’s Quick-Dry Athletic Shorts with Pockets

CRZ YOGA Women's Quick-Dry Athletic Shorts with Pockets

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The ability to enjoy sports depends on many aspects. But, having this pair of shorts by CRZ YOGA offers women a smiling face. It’s one of the ideal and versatile shorts to enjoy different sports. Blended from varies fabrics, the shorts offer exceptional comfort and body breathability. In fact, it consists of a polyester and spandex shell. The lining has 94% polyester and 6 spandex while waist features 75%Polyamide 25%Spandex. This creates a soft feeling and great comfort.

Apart from breathability, the stretchy nature of these shorts allows for the most user to enjoy the perfect fit. The fabrics are quick-drying, which ensure there is superb ease of cleaning. The waistband is reinforced with drawstrings. They are important for ensuring there is a proper fit. Even when it feels like the waist is larger, the drawstrings offer perfect adjustment and feathery. With an inner lining, the shorts ensure there is no friction. Therefore, it’s great for different training activities.


  • Highly breathable
  • Friction-free lining
  • Zipper pockets
  • Reinforcing drawstrings


  • It’s not unisex

9. YoungLA Men’s Athletic Gym Workout Powerlifting 104

YoungLA Men's Athletic Gym Workout Powerlifting 104

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YoungLA athletic shorts give every man the ability to train without stress. The shorts are made from high-quality fabrics with excellent wicking ability. Therefore, for people in extreme sports, there is no discomforts due to trapped sweat. Besides, wicking, the fabrics are soft and doesn’t cause friction to the skin. Thus, even when running, there are no irritations due to excessive rubbing. With excellent ventilation, the shorts are great for multiple sports applications.

The shorts come with front pockets. This ensures you can enjoy great storage of phone and other essential items. For the versatile fitting, the shorts come with an elastic waist. Also, the drawstrings are essential to adjust and customize the fit. With various usage, the shorts can be used for training on the beach and while relaxing at home. The premium polyester fabrics and double stitching ensure there is superb durability.


  • Versatile usability
  • Adjustable waist
  • Two front pockets
  • Durable fabrics


  • Pockets have no zippers

8. Champion Men’s Cotton Gym Short

Champion Men's Cotton Gym Short

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Champion cotton gym shorts for men brings a great feeling. The shorts offer perfect fit and exceptional comfort to users. Unlike others, this comes with cotton fabrics. It, therefore, ensure the user gets the best skin comfort and no reaction like with polyesters. The inner lining keeps the skin enjoying excellent softness. This means even when performing extreme activities; the short keep your skin dry besides, the lining is cool and eliminates stressful friction. As a result, there is an easy way to enjoy great jogging, weightlifting and others without irritations.

The perfectly fitting waist due to drawstrings ensures there is a superb feeling. This allows users to enjoy a perfect fit without experiencing. The whole ring-spun cotton ensures there is durability and is lightweight. In fact, the shorts weigh only 6 ounces. With an elastic nature, there is a superb fit and high breathability. The high-quality knitting is excellent and well-designed seams.


  • Premium spun cotton
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Drawstrings closure


  • No pockets

7. Persit Women’s High Waist Workout Yoga Shorts

Persit Women's High Waist Workout Yoga Shorts

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Persit high waist workout yoga shorts for women ensures no more struggles when training. It’s a versatile and multifunctional short. The perfectly fitting and elastic nature helps in keeping user well supported. Additionally, the high-waist design ensures that women can control the tummy. Therefore, for people looking to flatten the tummy, the shorts brings an easy way to enjoy undisturbed training. The designs allow the user to enjoy contoured fit. Thus, there is no stressing your body like rigidly made shorts.

The ability wick moisture ensures even after extreme workouts, there is no wetting. Thereby, for joggers, bikers and other users, the shorts ensure superb experience. With 4 ways stretching, the shorts ensure no straining the body. The fabrics are durable, and no see-through making the shorts ideal for use in gyms and other training places. Due to the intergraded pockets, it’s easy to carry small items conveniently.


  • High waits design
  • Ideal for tummy control
  • Moistures wicking
  • No see-through fabrics


  • No drawstrings

6. COOFANDY Men’s Gym Workout Running Short with Jogger

COOFANDY Men's Gym Workout Running Short with Jogger

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Coofandy gym workout shorts ensure men have a perfect way to keep their body health. Unlike other pants, this offers high versatility. It’s ideal for gym, running and other training. The fabrics include 95%polyester 5%spandex that increases the overall breathability. Unlike others that cause wetting, these are excellent for keeping user dry. Due to this, there is no development of fungal infections and other skin conditions. The dry technology used in this short ensure the user comfort highest throughout.

The shorts come with pockets to keep essential items. Whether its phones, keys and other devices, no more leaving them on the bag. As a result, people can enjoy music while training conveniently. For user comfort, the short has an elastic waist. This enables the user to enjoy a superb fit. Despite the premium fabrics, the short is lightweight hence improving the comfort.


  • Ideal for most sports
  • Elastic design
  • Safe pockets


  • No cotton fabrics

5. BALEAF Women’s High Waist Compression Exercise Shorts

BALEAF Women's High Waist Compression Exercise Shorts

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Baleaf high waist compression shorts deliver excellent feeling when training. Designed for women, it is ideal for most exercise. Whether its yoga, running, jogging and others, the shorts are superb. The stretchy design allows for the shorts to contour with the body. In fact, due to the high waist design, the short help in controlling tummy. Featuring 87% Polyester /13% Spandex, they are great for stretchability. Besides, the shorts have excellent breathability to ensure there is superb skin feeling. For superb experience, the short comes with a flexible design. Therefore, skin doesn’t get much friction when training.

The short not only keep the body feeling great, but, it has compression ability. This helps the user to burn fat efficiently. Due to the compression action, the body gets the best feeling when involved in serious training. With gusseted crotch, the short is suitable for free movement. Also, it’s great for wearing under the dress.


  • Ideal for under dress use
  • Secret pockets
  • High rise waistband


  • Doesn’t have cotton blending

4. ALWAYS Women Premium Buttery Soft Solid Stretch Short

ALWAYS Women Premium Buttery Soft Solid Stretch Short

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As you think about getting ideal pant for your training, Always shorts for women is a superb pick. These shorts are reliable and ensure every woman get ideal training without stress. The improved design allows the short to be more than a sports attire. In fact, the high waist ensures there is superior tummy control. Thus, as you exercise, there is a great feeling without disturbances. Despite the perfect fitting, the short doesn’t cause skin heating. This is due to the breathable nature, which ensures superb sweat-wicking and evaporation.

Apart from being useful for training, the short delivers great tummy compression. This ensures efficient skin feeling and body shaping as you train. The design and fabrics allow smooth movement and low friction. Therefore, as you enjoy training, the short also enables great relaxation. With a toned look, these shorts offer a stylish look.


  • Tummy control compression
  • Smooth movement
  • Ideal for most sports
  • Body contouring


  • No pockets

3. JUST MY SIZE Plus Size Active Woven Women Run Short

JUST MY SIZE Plus Size Active Woven Women Run Short

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Just My Size Plus size women shorts keep every user enjoying smooth training. With free size design, the shorts keep body enjoying the seamless performance. Also, the fabrics are fantastic and deliver great feeling and breathability. Therefore as people train, the shorts keep skin dry and feeling excellent. The shorts are 100% polyester made which ensure there is excellent skin breathability. Therefore, as you enjoy the workouts, there is no wetting due to retained sweat.

The good thing is that the shorts allow for easy cleaning. In fact, you can use a machine or hands to wash without damaging the fabrics. The elastic waistband is fantastic for ensuring there is a comfortable fit. Also, the drawstring ensures easy customization when wearing shorts. As a result, different sized people can use shorts without experiencing discomforts. With versatile usage, the shorts are ideal for different sports and workouts.


  • Ideal for large women
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable drawstrings


  • No lining

2. Russell Athletic Men’s Shorts & Jogger with Pockets

Russell Athletic Men's Shorts & Jogger with Pockets

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Russel Athletic shorts is what every man need to enjoy excellent training. The shorts are designed to give every trainer ability to enjoy comfort throughout the workout. Unlike the polyester shorts, these features 100% cotton fabrics. Therefore, as the user trains, there is great feeling and flexibility. The cotton offers high sweat absorbing ability hence great for an extreme workout. Also, from the relaxed fit give user superb feeling. The extra room allows even for large users to wear the shorts without unnecessary compression.

The good thing is the shorts offer the ability to clean with washing machine. This ensures as the users wear shorts, keeping clean is smooth. Additionally, the shorts remain soft and relaxed even after use. Enhanced with deep pockets, the shorts ensure easy storage of your essentials. Designed with 8’’ inseams, there is durable construction.


  • Soft and flexible
  • Large room
  • Machine washable
  • Jersey cotton


  • Materials feel thin

1. EVERWORTH Men’s 2-in-1 Bodybuilding Gym Training Shorts

EVERWORTH Men's 2-in-1 Bodybuilding Gym Training Shorts

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Earthworm 2-in-1 shorts are reliable for different training. Whether you love the gym, running, biking and other workouts, it’s a reliable short. Unlike others, these with a 2-in-1 design that ensures improved performance. It has an inner compression lining that ensures great feeling. Also, it has pockets that help to hold vita components. Whether its phones or other small devices. With high compression, the inner lining helps people engaging in high-performance activities.

Despite the heavy-duty construction, the shorts offer quick drying. Therefore, even after sweating, it keeps skin dry and away from wetness. The two deep pockets are amazing and bring great peace of mind. They hold your items securely without compromising the overall safety. Due to the elastic band and drawstrings, there is a customized fit. The short is versatile for different activities like jogging, basketball, among others. Above all, the shorts are machine washable.


  • Zippered deep pockets
  • High-performance compression liner
  • Easy to clean


  • Liner pocket is small

Workout Shorts Buying Guide

Type of fabrics

The type of fabrics used is vital for user comfort. There are many types of materials that are used in making training shorts. Mostly, common fabrics are cotton, polyester, spandex and others. Blended fabrics are always ideal for increasing performance. Usually, lightweight and quick-drying material are preferable.


The size is essential for a perfect fit. There are different sizes available which ensure there is a great fit. Depending on your waist, it is good to measure before ordering. Additionally, there are free size shorts that are ideal for different sizes. Ideally, elastic shorts are great to improve the fit. The drawstrings are also essential to allow size customization.


Breathability is essential in workout shorts. Since the users sweat a lot, they need to have quick-drying and sweat-wicking shorts. This ensures even after strenuous workouts, the shorts keep skin dry. The ability of a short offer high breathability is related to fabrics.


Integrated pockets are vital for carrying your essentials. They are great since you can keep items like keys, phone and others. Especially when training as you listen to music, having a pocket is a vital consideration. Although not all shorts come with pockets, it’s a vital feature.


The ability to enjoy workouts depends on your shorts. With different types and qualities, everyone can get an ideal choice. Having these shorts reviewed above ensure seamless training. They are quality and reliable and comfortable.

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